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RaphiePS commented Nov 9, 2011

I installed RTmidi and node-midi as per directions, and the server starts up with no errors. However, no virtual device is created. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Unfortunately I don't have a OSX Lion install available to test on at the moment. Can you give me some more details? What version of node are you running? Did you use the virtual device test in the tests folder?

I'll see if I can get access to a Lion install to figure this out.

Did some more tweaking, and a virtual device was indeed created. However, it doesn't show up in the Audio/MIDI settings, and none of the messages have been getting through (test isn't working). v0.4.12. Thanks for responding and the assistance.


I've checked this out a bit more - I'm running OSX 10.6.8, and all of the virtual devices work for me. The virtual devices don't show up in the Audio / MIDI settings - but they do show up in MIDI Monitor which can be downloaded from

I've added another test, which will automatically send something through the virtual loopback. The loopback test that was in the tests directory requires you to send something to the virtual input, and it will modify the message and send it to the virtual output - and only for a period of time before closing everything down - I should document the tests more.

Let me know if any of this helps. I'm still trying to track down a Lion install I can test on.

This definitely helps. I tested with MIDI Monitor, and the input, output, and virtual output tests worked. However, the virtual input test didn't create a virtual input, and the loopback test only created a virtual output. Thank you for your help.


Alright, finally managed to get a test for this one up and running.

Set up a fresh install of Lion in a virtual machine. Installed XCode, setup node etc. Ran the automated test, everything seemed to work out of the box!

Justins-Mac:node-midi justin$ sw_vers
ProductName:    Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.7.2
BuildVersion:   11C74
Justins-Mac:node-midi justin$ node -v
Justins-Mac:node-midi justin$ node ./test/virtual-loopback-test-automated.js 
Enumerating inputs
Input found: node-midi Virtual Output
Opening node-midi Virtual Output
Enumerating outputs
Output found: node-midi Virtual Output
Opening node-midi Virtual Input
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:0
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:0
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:0.9996196370000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:0.999487564
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:1.000533974
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.000503506
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:1.0000328410000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.000024762
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:0.9999736360000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:0.9999661580000001
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:1.0001185860000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.000131503
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:0.9993888310000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:0.9993873010000001
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:1.000612776
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.000597503
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:1.0000296480000002
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.0000403260000001
Sending message
Virtual input recieved m:144,23,81 d:0.9999156710000001
Input recieved m:144,33,81 d:1.000015997

Looks like I can't reproduce you're issue - any more info about what's happening?

RaphiePS commented Dec 8, 2011

I too am running v0.4.12, so version isn't the issue. The virtual output test works great -- MidiMonitor is able to pick it up with no problem. However, the virtual output test doesn't show up as a source, and the loopback test doesn't show anything. By the way, the regular input/output functions have been working great! It's fantastic to be able to write web-connected games and such for my launchpad.


I'm glad the parts that are working for you are working well :) Let me know if you're making an interesting project.

I can't reproduce this problem on any of my machines - can you try with the latest version of node-midi just release (0.5.0) and the latest version of node? If I can't reproduce the problem I'll have to file this under 'works-on-my-machine' and close the issue, sorry :(

bruno-c commented Mar 2, 2012

Works for me on Lion - though the input doesn't seem to have a name by default, don't know if that could be the problem for some people.


Can't reproduce sorry. Reopen if is still an issue in node-midi v0.6.0.

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