Scraper for Facebook's Archive of Ads with Political Content
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Scraper for Facebook's Archive of Ads with Political Content ... until Facebook provides an API.

fb-ad-archive-scraper will produce:

  • CSV containing the text and metadata of the ads.
  • Screenshots of each ad.
  • A README file.

Like any scraper, fb-ad-archive-scraper is fragile. It will break if Facebook changes the structure / code of the Archive. If fb-ad-archive-scraper breaks, let me know.

Tickets / PRs are welcome.


  1. Clone the repo:

     git clone
  2. Change to the directory:

     cd fb-ad-archive-scraper
  3. Optionally, create a virtual environment:

     virtualenv -p python3 ENV
     source ENV/bin/activate
  4. Install requirements:

     pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Install Chromedriver. On a Mac, this is:

     brew cask install chromedriver

    If already installed, upgrade Chromedriver with:

     brew cask upgrade chromedriver


    usage: [-h] [--limit LIMIT] [--headed] [--wait WAIT]
                      [--country {ALL,US,BR}]
                      [--type {news_ads,political_and_issue_ads}]
                      [--status {all,active,inactive}]
                      email password query [query ...]
    Scrape Facebook's Archive of Ads with Political Content
    positional arguments:
      email                 Email address for FB account
      password              Password for FB account
      query                 Query
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      --limit LIMIT         Limit on number of ads to scrape
      --headed              Use a headed chrome browser
      --wait WAIT           Seconds to sleep between requests
      --country {ALL,US,BR}
                            Limit ads by country. Choices: ALL, US, BR. Default is
      --type {news_ads,political_and_issue_ads}
                            Limit ads by type. Choices: news_ads,
                            political_and_issue_ads. Default is
      --status {all,active,inactive}
                            Limit ads by status. Choices: all, active, inactive.
                            Default is all.

For example:

    python password pelosi


  • fb-ad-archive-scraper uses a headless Chrome browser. This means that you will not see the browser at work.
  • The output of each run will be placed in a separate directory and include a README, CSV file summarizing the ads, PNG images, and JSON retrieved from Facebook.

The approach of extracting data from XHRs came from Ranjit Hatnagar.