Git pre-commit script for the Google Java Style Guide, using the Google Java Format library
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Google Java Format Pre-Commit Hook

A git pre-commit script that formats java code according to the Google Java Style Guide, using the Google Java Format library.


To use this pre-commit script, clone this repo locally, and then link the script from this repo as the .git/hooks/pre-commit script in your java project:

cd ~/my-libraries
git clone
cd ~/my-projects/some-java-project
ln -s ~/my-libraries/gjfpc-hook/ .git/hooks/pre-commit


The script automatically downloads the google-java-format jar from the Google Java Format project to your ~/.local/share/java directory on first run. It then calls this jar to format the entire contents of each staged file with a .java extension when git calls it for pre-commit processing.

If formatting fails, the commit will be aborted. If formatting succeeds, the file will be re-staged (to include any formatting changes in the commit). To avoid committing un-staged hunks, you must skip the script for the commit.


To run the google-java-format jar independently of the pre-commit hook, run the script:

~/my-libraries/gjfpc-hook/ --help

You can also link the formatting script to a local bin directory, either in your home folder:

ln -s ~/my-libraries/gjfpc-hook/ ~/.local/bin/google-java-format

Or another bin directory on your PATH:

sudo ln -s ~/my-libraries/gjfpc-hook/ /local/usr/bin/google-java-format

And then run the script simply as google-java-format:

google-java-format --help


To skip formatting a single commit, use the --no-verify flag (-n for short):

git commit --no-verify

To skip a series of commits -- like when rebasing or merging -- set the NO_VERIFY environment variable in your shell to be not empty, make the commits, and then set NO_VERIFY back to empty:

export NO_VERIFY=1
git rebase -i master
export NO_VERIFY=