Display incoming data from environmental sensors.
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Waggle Data Display

This application displays incoming data reported by an array of sensors measuring temperature, humidity, vibration, magnetic field, acoustic and luminous intensity, and other environmental quantities.

The data display is written in Elm, a functional reactive programming language for web programming.

View a demo of the data display. Note that this demo displays randomly generated data, not live sensor data.


To run this demo yourself, you'll need to download the Elm Platform. Once you've set up the Elm Platform, you can build the project by typing at the command line in the root of this repository:

elm make Main.elm

You can then view the demo by navigating to the index.html file in the root of this repository. An easy way to serve up index.html is to run elm reactor in the root of this repository. After typing elm reactor at the command line, index.html will be accessible at localhost:8000/index.html.

To connect this demo to a live data source, write the live sensor data to data/current each time the sensor is polled. See data/current.example for an example of a properly formatted sensor data dump.

Copyright (c) 2015, Justin Manley and Argonne National Laboratory All rights reserved.

Released under the GPLv3 (see LICENSE).