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justinmayer Make vcprompt optional in Entropy theme
For systems that don't need or use Mercurial, there really isn't any
need for vcprompt, since Git is fast enough for low-latency prompts.
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Tackle is a repository of Fish shell functions, modules, plugins, and themes designed to be used with the Tacklebox framework.

Visit the Tacklebox project for information on installation, usage, and other useful documentation.


  • virtualfishVirtualfish facilitates Virtualenv management and matches projects to virtual environments
  • virtualhooks — sources $VIRTUAL_ENV/ upon virtual environment activation (requires Virtualfish)
  • z - jump to often-used directories, weighted by “frecency”


  • docker — provides useful commands to manage Docker containers and images
  • extract — extracts a variety of archive file formats; compress function also included
  • grc — colorizes terminal output of ping, make, and other commands (must first install grc via Homebrew/apt)
  • hg — facilitates interactions with Mercurial repositories
  • pipPip command completions and handy wrapper functions
  • python — functions to run simple HTTP server and clean .pyc files
  • sdl — sudo the last command in history
  • up — update Fish completions, Homebrew, Python packages, and Vim plugins (via Vundle)


  • entropy — shows Virtualenv, Git, and Mercurial status; indicates if connected to another host via SSH
  • budspencer
  • urdh


These are helper functions, mainly to be used inside of configuration and other functions:

  • _confirmation — confirmation prompt for use in interactive scripts
  • _logo — prints a colorful Fish shell logo as ASCII art
  • _prepend_path — prepend the given path, if it exists, to the specified path list


Contributions to both Tackle and Tacklebox are welcome. If you would like to contribute to the project, please review the Contributing Guidelines thoroughly.