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Extract and Compress


It's hard to remember which commands to use to extract the various compressed archive formats.


Use the extract command to extract .xz, .bz2, .gz, .zip, .tar(.XXX), .rar, and .pax archives. For example:

extract your-file.xz

Bonus: Compress

Similarly, the syntax for compressing files and directories is neither consistent nor particularly memorable.

Provided you have xz installed, you can compress a single file or directory (as *.xz or *.txz, respectively) via the following simple command:

compress your-file-or-directory

The archive will be created in-place unless a destination is specified, as shown via this example:

compress your-directory ~/your-new-archive.txz

Mac OS X users: You should install GNU Tar via brew install gnu-tar, since the bundled version of tar is ancient and doesn’t support xz.

Extra Bonus: Parallel Compression and Extraction

If you have pixz installed, both compression and extraction of xz archives will be processed in parallel on multi-core systems. This usually results in a dramatic increase in compression/extraction speed.

To install pixz on Mac OS X via Homebrew:

brew install pixz gnu-tar

To install pixz on Debian/Ubuntu`:

sudo aptitude install pixz