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A simple issue tracker

An application demonstrating a robust MVC pattern for rapid development of websites small or large.

##Some highlights

1. Simple REST-full URLs with automatic routing

For example in the URL the route is autmatically mapped to an action 'show' in the controller 'users'. Static routes are available and take precedence over automatic routes.

2. Simple uniform database access pattern with multiple resultsets assumed

All DB access takes the form:

  $result = $this->query(<some query>)

$result now contains resultsets ordered from 0 to n.

3. Simple but robust form processing pattern with validation

The front end contains a javascript library with many utility functions, including simple form processing. For example,

      var fields = [
          "name__\\w+__Please enter your name",
          "headline__\\w+__Please enter a headline or job title",
      var data = _get_form_values("global-form", fields);
      _ajax_post ("/users/add",
              function (response) {


A community site for tracker is available at An installation and setup guide is available from