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Player Sans Mono sample image

Player Sans Mono

An open-source/libre typeface family designed for video game developers.


  • Monospaced 8×8 (Latin English) and 8×13 (Latin Extended) character sets
  • Light, Classic, Italic and Bold styles
  • Extensive set of font formats (.otf/.ttf/.woff/.woff2)
  • Source files (.glyphs and .ufo format) so you can contribute or make your own edits


This package includes .otf and .ttf desktop fonts which you can install on your system and import into many game engines. Web fonts are also included in .woff and .woff2 formats for use on the web and in browser-based game engines.

Use the .otf files first (they're smaller and usually render better), and .ttf as a backup if your engine doesn't support .otf fonts.

Converting to bitmap font formats

Some game engines require bitmap fonts, typically in the BMFont format. The BMFont format comes in a variety of forms, usually a .png image (or a sequence of images) and a data file (.txt, .xml, .bin, or .json).

You can generate these files via the original BMFont for Windows by AngelCode, but it doesn't always give perfect pixel-for-pixel results when converting pixel fonts. Instead, I would recommend the cross-platform command line tool fontbm, which has been 100% accurate in my tests so far.


  • More build formats for more game engine support
  • Build scripts
  • Extend character set further
  • Proportional-width styles


This typeface is released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1

Questions and contributions

Email: Repo: