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Truly instant private messaging. No logs. No hassle.


Clone the repository

git clone

Enter the directory, and create a virtualenv

cd pattr
virtualenv venv

This creates a sandbox-style environment, where any Python packages you install will not affect your installed packages on your computer, allowing you to work with multiple versions of plugins and modules as they relate to different applications.

Activate your virtualenv

source venv/bin/activate

Install requirements.txt

pip install -r requirements.txt

Payment (Optional)

If you are developing or testing a feature requiring the use of payment follow these extra steps.

Note: This is not required, and should only be used for those who are explicitly working on payment.

Create an account on Stripe

Locate your Stripe API testing keys under your account info.

Method One (Recommended)

Set an environement variable on your computer, named PUBLISHABLE_KEY, with the value of your Stripe API Test Publishable Key.

Repeat the process, naming the second variable SECRET_KEY, with the value of your Stripe API Test Private Key.

Method Two

In, locate the stripe_keys dictionary. Replace os.environ.get("PUBLISHABLE_KEY") and os.environ.get("SECRET_KEY) with your respective public and private API keys.

IMPORTANT: Remember to remove these values and replace with the original os.environ.get lines.


To run the server, run python and visit localhost:33507 in the browser.



If you find an issue on our site, file an issue and let us know. Remember to add steps to reproduce, what should happen, and what is actually happening. Screenshots are always good too.

Security testing

If you are interested in testing security, site vulnerablities, or are using a method which has the potential to harm the site or its servers, please use the url, and notify of your intentions and processes.

On the chance you find a security issue which has the potential of harming our users or site, do not file an issue in our GitHub repository. Instead, please contact using the same format you would when reporting a normal issue (title, steps to reproduce, log files, screenshots).

Write Code

If you'd like to write code, find an issue that sounds interesting to you, or work on an existing issue in our issues repository. Reach out to a contributor on the project, or send us a message. Be sure to follow this git workflow.