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require File.expand_path( 'lib/guard/jenkins/version' ) do |gem| = 'guard-jenkins'
gem.version = Guard::JenkinsVersion::VERSION = 'Justin Stoller' = ''
gem.homepage = ''
gem.summary = 'A simple guard script to place a failure image or success image
after a build has finished in a
consistent location for jenkins jobs.'
gem.description = "Guard-Jenkins checks for the modification
of the nextBuildNumber file in a job's
directory and then creates a symlink
from either fail.png or success.png
to $JENKINS_HOME/userContent/jobs/JOB_NAME/current_status.png"
gem.files = `git ls-files`.split("\n")
gem.test_files = `git ls-files -- spec`.split("\n")
gem.require_paths = ['lib']
gem.add_development_dependency 'rspec', '~> 2.6'
gem.add_development_dependency 'simplecov', '~> 0.4'
gem.add_development_dependency 'rake'
gem.add_runtime_dependency 'guard', '~> 0.6'
gem.add_runtime_dependency 'nokogiri', '~> 1.5'