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Sep 24, 2012
Justin Tadlock Separate styles and scripts from media.php and give them their own fi…
…les. This also introduces the new hybrid-core-css feature that allows themes to add support for specific stylesheets and allow the framework to load them.
Sep 26, 2012
Justin Tadlock Pass full $image array to get_the_image_meta_key_save(). d4eb591
Oct 01, 2012
Justin Tadlock Add the 'Customize' sub-menu item under 'Appearance'. 7ac5c3c
Justin Tadlock Change the "logic" behind the current layout by filtering 'theme_mod_…
…theme_layout' (eating our own dog food here) instead of handling it all in theme_layouts_get_layout(). This gives more flexibility to theme devs and provides a clear example of how to filter the layout.

Also changed the theme mod name from 'theme-layout' to 'theme_layout' to be in line with how WP core handles theme mods.
Oct 09, 2012
Justin Tadlock Use the 'scripts' and 'styles' terminology over 'javascript/js' and '…
…css' to be consistent with WordPress core.
Justin Tadlock Update to use 'scripts' and 'styles'. 305c8e5
Oct 10, 2012
Justin Tadlock Only add $before and $after arguments if we actually have an image. 7e5f57b
Oct 18, 2012
Justin Tadlock Adds the hybrid_locate_theme_file() function. 0a5442d
Justin Tadlock Change version number of Loop Pagination to 1.6. 673bfc0
Justin Tadlock Remove old check for 'hybrid-core-drop-downs'. 8522565
Justin Tadlock Inline doc corrections. 076cd8e
Justin Tadlock Remove extra ")" from the code. 4ba52f9
Oct 19, 2012
Justin Tadlock "theme_mods_theme_layout" should be "theme_mod_theme_layout". d4fbb0f
Oct 25, 2012
Justin Tadlock "post_styleheets_sanitize_meta" should be "post_stylesheets_sanitize_…
Nov 03, 2012
Justin Tadlock "featured-header", not "featued-header". c42d9fd
Nov 14, 2012
Justin Tadlock Execute theme layouts admin setup on "admin_init" instead of "admin_m…
Justin Tadlock Allow theme developers to enter a custom tag for the [entry-title] sh…
Justin Tadlock Add note that the Core SEO feature should no longer be active in themes. 1570fef
Justin Tadlock Adding first pass at the Post Format Tools extension. 865b1c5
Dec 10, 2012
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 0.2 alpha. 6050c1e
Justin Tadlock Use $wp_rewrite->pagination_base. 82cfd1d
Justin Tadlock Better removal of 'page 1' from the URL. Really need a good regex for…
… this.
Dec 12, 2012
Justin Tadlock Remove $post global unnecessarily added in version 0.7. a5989fb
Justin Tadlock Return an HTML comment instead of an empty string if no attachments a…
…re found. This prevents WordPress from running the check for attachments all over again.
Dec 14, 2012
Justin Tadlock This should wrap up the new code for the WordPress 'ids' argument for…
… Cleaner Gallery. Needs more testing.
Justin Tadlock No need for include/ids and orderby checks when 'ids' is passed. Word…
…Press already handles this before passing $attr to the filter.
Justin Tadlock Set up some default values for the $chat_author and $speaker_id varia…
…bles to make sure we don't run into any undefined variable notices.
Dec 18, 2012
Justin Tadlock Allow the site name to be used in the breadcrumb trail when on a mult…
…isite setup and viewing a sub-site of the network. This adds the 'network' argument, which can be set to true (false by default) to show this configuration.

Example:  breadcrumb_trail( array( 'network' => true ) );
Justin Tadlock Add the 'hybrid_context' filter hook. 354e906
Justin Tadlock Remove the 'walker' option from the Navigation Menu widget. This opti…
…on won't work because you must pass an object, not the class name, as the walker.
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 1.5 - Beta 1. 5c5e61b
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 0.8.1 for the Get the Image extension. dcb3feb
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 0.9.5 - Cleaner Gallery. e1bff46
Dec 19, 2012
Justin Tadlock Show Theme Layouts drop-down select in the modal but not in the attac…
…hment editing page.
Justin Tadlock Make sure Theme Layouts attachment metadata saves. 2c47f07
Justin Tadlock Make sure to save Post Stylesheets attachment metadata. c183c19
Justin Tadlock Handles attachment meta box saving across the board. This issue is mo…
…st likely slated for a fix in WordPress 3.6.

Core WordPress tickets: (should've been addressed here)
Justin Tadlock Add the 'order' setting to the Archives widget, which allows ordering…
… by ascending or descending order.
Justin Tadlock Only load the Bookmarks widget if the Link Manager (link_manager_enab…
…led option) is turned on in WordPress.
Justin Tadlock Drop support for ".dev" scripts and styles and go with ".min" to matc…
…h how WordPress core handles minimized/non-minimized script and style files. This is the final step in the script/style overhaul in 1.5.
Justin Tadlock Add the hybrid_get_theme_data() function to the removed functions pil…
…e. This was only ever used internally by the framework anyway. Plus, it'll help keep theme reviewers off theme authors' backs about having an [unused] call to a deprecated core function.
Dec 20, 2012
Justin Tadlock Fix inline doc typo. ".dev" should be ".min". c0f52dd
Justin Tadlock Use the $suffix variable instead of hardcoding ".min". f3241fb
Justin Tadlock Add the $args parameter to post_format_tools_get_video() to allow a c…
…ustom 'width' or 'height' on the [embed] shortcode. This defaults to the return value of wp_embed_defaults().
Justin Tadlock No need to run extra code to check if 'style.min.css' exists if SCRIP…
…T_DEBUG is enabled.
Justin Tadlock Make sure the parent theme's 'style.min.css' file exists before tryin…
…g to load it over 'style.css'.
Justin Tadlock Allow ordering of stylesheets in 'hybrid-core-styles' by the order th…
…e theme author chose to add the styles to the supported styles array.
Justin Tadlock Use THEME_DIR, not THEME_URI, when checking if the parent theme's 'st…
…yle.min.css' file exists.
Justin Tadlock Add the "{$prefix}_styles" hook to allow theme devs to overwrite the …
…existing styles. Note that any styles added to this array must support both a ".css" and ".min.css" file. They must also input the URI to the stylesheet ('src' argument). Otherwise, Hybrid Core will look for the file in its own '/css' directory.
Justin Tadlock Make sure the 'wp-head-callback' is set before checking its value in …
…the Random Custom Background extension.
Dec 27, 2012
Justin Tadlock Remove 'the_title' hook. It's missing a parameter and is unneeded any…
…way since WP has the 'post_title' hook.
Justin Tadlock Remove second instance of 'the_title' hook. 46c4bc9
Jan 02, 2013
Justin Tadlock Fixes the issue where the wrong post type archive link matches with a… a38b42e
Justin Tadlock Breadcrumb Trail 0.5.3. bb77f50
Justin Tadlock Featured Header 0.1. 1ef60fa
Justin Tadlock Loop Pagination 0.2. d4ec5b0
Justin Tadlock Post Stylesheets 0.4.0. bd79f3a
Justin Tadlock Random Custom Background 0.1. f2e30a3
Justin Tadlock Theme Layouts 0.5.0. 9c4747b
Justin Tadlock Update 'gallery.css' version number to 0.9.5. 6f7c357
Justin Tadlock Documentation updates. 4bed48e
Jan 03, 2013
Justin Tadlock Add support for 'post-thumbnails' if the theme hasn't already added s…
…upport for them.
Justin Tadlock Version bump: 1.5.0. e05e7f5
Jan 19, 2013
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 1.5.1-alpha. a013f61
Justin Tadlock Make sure the filters are applied to 'hybrid_context', even if it's a…
…lready been set.
Justin Tadlock Theme Layouts v.1.5-alpha. 6def16f
Justin Tadlock Make sure the default setting in the customizer is set to the saved v…
…alue for the 'theme_layout' mod.
Jan 23, 2013
Justin Tadlock Fix stray '\' in Loop Pagination: #18 d3bc8b7
Jan 25, 2013
Justin Tadlock Theme layouts 0.5.1. 364946d
Justin Tadlock We'll need a semi-colon at the end of that line. 96c2b4e
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 1.5.1. d4eb78a
Jan 31, 2013
Justin Tadlock Correct the callback function when editing attachments. e48ba33
Justin Tadlock Version bump to 1.5.2. 803ec49