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.multiple <body> class #41

justintadlock opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Justin Tadlock Ryan Van Etten David Chandra Purnama
Justin Tadlock

Non-singular views should have a .multiple class for easier styling. This would show on is_home(), is_archive(), or is_search(). Yeah, I know some of you've asked for this for a while. It's coming.

Ryan Van Etten

I like .plural to oppose .singular

is_singular() ? 'singular' : 'plural'
Justin Tadlock

I like plural too just because I'm an English geek. :)

Ryan Van Etten

Exactly :) That should make it easy to document too.

David Chandra Purnama

twentyfourteen use "list-view"

    if ( is_archive() || is_search() || is_home() )
        $classes[] = 'list-view';
Justin Tadlock

plural was the choice I made. This is in HC 2.0.

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