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Officially move repos for extensions #43

justintadlock opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Justin Tadlock Andrey Savchenko Philip Newcomer syed
Justin Tadlock

I've been meaning to start doing this for a while. Extensions aren't technically part of Hybrid Core. They're standalone scripts that HC loads. These were all developed outside of HC originally. However, I've been keeping the development of them in HC for some time just because I've been horribly unorganized.

The plan for 1.7.0 is to move development of Breadcrumb Trail and Get the Image into their respective repositories:

I'll just port any changes over to HC manually. So, if you're interested in the development of those two extensions, you should definitely keep an eye on those repos.

Eventually, I plan to move the other extensions too. It's just going to be a process of getting things in order. I'd also like to, at some point in the future, treat these as sub-modules and just pull them into HC. We'll cross that bridge sometime down the road.

Andrey Savchenko

I vote (well, we don't vote here, but if we did :) big no on submodules. They are terrible to work with. Subtrees are supposedly better, but really from my experience nesting repositories sounds way better in theory than it ever goes in practice.

Justin Tadlock

I'm not sold on doing sub-modules and will gladly accept votes on something that changes the entire structure of the project like that. It's just an idea for far, far away in the future if it happens. I'm fine with just manually copying the files over. It's what I've been doing anyway (just in reverse).

My big thing is just getting the repos separated, particularly for the extensions that are also plugins (Get the Image, Breadcrumb Trail, etc). It's made it harder for me to keep those plugins updated (just screws with my workflow).

Philip Newcomer

+1 on moving them to submodules. I think that makes for a more modular approach, keeping self-contained pieces of code self-contained, and would make it easier for developers who only want to use an extension (not the whole framework) to do so.

Justin Tadlock

They don't necessarily have to be sub-modules on Hybrid Core to do that. They just need to be separate repos, which is definitely happening.

Andrey Savchenko

The options are roughly:

  • copy / paste / commit - dirty, but very foolproof
  • submodules - if you want to torture yourself
  • subtrees - supposedly where everyone escapes from submodules to
  • composer - like in a real PHP, low (so far) awareness in WP circles
Philip Newcomer

They don't necessarily have to be sub-modules on Hybrid Core to do that. They just need to be separate repos, which is definitely happening.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. This Git stuff is confusing!

Justin Tadlock

Widgets are now being maintained in the Widgets Reloaded repository:

The Cleaner Gallery extension is now maintained in the Cleaner Gallery repository:


I personally don't mind if you move extensions to their separate repos. I think its better for rapid growth of these extensions, and their wide uses and it ultimately means a solid code. As not everybody would like to use whole framework but rather hand picked extensions, and when they are going to work stand alone and being a part of HC, they are more use able. (By either party Hybrid Fan or just a cherry picker :)).

So I think +1

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