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Improve confusing Layout meta box Default options #45

lkraav opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It's mostly about the confusing Default radio button. Nearly no end user I've come across is able to organically figure out what the default layout setup is and therefore what exactly the right meta box choice is, for when they do want to have a special layout for a post.

From what I understand, the Default's value comes from the Theme Customizer "Global Layout" setting (aside from theme hooks doing magic).

I think we should should drop the separate Default option and instead calculate + attach a hint like "Default" on one of the actual layout options.

[ ] One Column
[*] Two Columns, Left (Theme Default) (-> linked to customzier section?)
[ ] Two Columns, Right



We're definitely not dropping the default option or combining it. That's off the table. You'll see why if you look at how the data is stored rather than looking at the UI.

We can change the UI. It just needs to keep all of the current options. I could see changing "Default" to:

Theme Default (<a href="customize.php">Global Layout</a>)

Or, some variation on that.


OK. It may also be a documentation patch that I'm looking for.. For some reason I have trouble imagining how to explain to users this choice set:

[*] Theme Default (Global Layout: Two Columns, Left)
[ ] One Column
[ ] Two Columns, Left
[ ] Two Columns, Right

How would you explain the second "Two Column, Left" option? Why is it there as an option when the default is already supposedly correct? What does it accomplish for the user?


"Default" doesn't necessarily refer to your theme or a specific layout. It's the default used no matter what theme is in use. Different themes will have different defaults. Or, assuming you're using the customizer option, the default (global layout) can change over time when using the same theme. Or, a theme can have multiple default layouts depending on the situation (categories, tags, users, etc.).

"Two Columns, Left" is a specific setting to always use that layout regardless of the default layout.

Think of Theme Layouts as a very bare-bones script that is meant to be customized to suit your project. It's flexibility makes it extremely powerful, but it also limits the output out of the box.

For your clients, you can do whatever you want. You can even roll your own meta box if needed.


Giving this some more thought. I'm thinking "Theme Default" + Customizer link will work. Plus, we can now link to specific customizer sections, which is even better.

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