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enejb commented Jan 28, 2014

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added some commits Jan 26, 2013
@justintadlock Merge tag '1.5.1'
Tagging version 1.5.1.
@justintadlock Merge tag '1.5.2'
Tagging 1.5.2.
@justintadlock Merge tag '1.5.3'
Tagging version 1.5.3.
@justintadlock Merge tag '1.5.4'
Tagging version 1.5.4.
@justintadlock Merge tag '1.5.5'
Tagging version 1.5.5.
@justintadlock Merge branch '1.6'. dca458f
@justintadlock Fix issues with hybrid.php caused by the merge. 9f32ae2
@justintadlock Merge branch '1.6' 4883884
@justintadlock Merge branch '1.6' 5e338d5
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.0-alpha-1. e874830
@justintadlock Remove outdated base stylesheets. a44c27f
@justintadlock Remove Superfish (drop-downs, nav-bar) support. 6a4fe8e
@justintadlock Drop calls to the removed stylesheets from the Hybrid Core Styles fea…
@justintadlock Remove Entry Views extension. 83367c4
@justintadlock Remove Custom Field Series extension. 7b7e0b9
@justintadlock Remove calls to the Entry Views and Custom Field Series extensions fr…
…om the Hybrid class.
@justintadlock Finally remove the old Hybrid Core SEO component. Good riddance! 30134c1
@justintadlock Remove the filter on the comment form defaults. It's time to use core…
… and drop this legacy code from early versions of the Hybrid theme.
@justintadlock Remove filter on comment type avatars. Themes can decide this on thei…
…r own.
@justintadlock Deprecated `hybrid_avatar()` and make it a simple wrapper for `get_av…
@justintadlock Completely delete soft-removed functions prior to the 1.5 branch. Sof…
…t-remove many currently-deprecated functions. General cleanup of deprecated.php.
@justintadlock Adds a general.php file for some common template functions. This is b…
…eing used for the file to house shortcodes that we have no equivalent functions for. Consider the file name temporary; it might change during development.
@justintadlock Drop the theme footer settings. This means deprecating some functions…
…, removing the customize.php functionality, and remove this from the theme settings page altogether.
@justintadlock Drop the about theme meta box. 33e095b
@justintadlock Overhaul of the Hybrid Core theme settings feature. This changeset dr…
…ops the meta box functionality in favor of the plain ol' WordPress Settings API. Theme authors should now use register_settings_section() and register_settings_field() as appropriate.

For more information on using the Settings API, see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Settings_API

Note that this feature is in a state of change during development and may be different before 2.0.0 final.  I'd like to move everything over to using WordPress Theme Mods if possible.
@justintadlock Drop the 'hybrid-core-sidebars' theme feature. This allows us to get …
…rid of extra text strings that are no longer needed.

Introduces the hybrid_register_sidebar() function, which makes it simple to register an HTML5 sidebar.
@justintadlock Remove the 'hybrid-core-menus' theme feature. This just adds weight t…
…o translations. Plus, it's already really simple to add nav menus with WordPress.
@justintadlock Deprecated hybrid_site_title(). 2b87fc6
@justintadlock Deprecate hybrid_site_description(). 72adc9b
@justintadlock Soft-remove hybrid_extra_theme_headers(). This was only ever used wit…
…h the old theme settings system.
@justintadlock Remove the plural post format functionality. This is added weight for…
… translations. Plus, this is better relegated to plugins. So, yep, I'll be porting this feature to a plugin.
@justintadlock Remove the `hybrid_image_content()` filter from `the_content`. This h…
…as caused more confusion for theme authors than anything. The function will stay for those who want to use it.
@justintadlock Change the `admin.css` file to `admin-widgets.css` since it now only …
…deals with the widgets screen in the admin.
@justintadlock Deprecate most of the template shortcodes. We're keeping the ones com…
…monly-used in theme footer settings so that theme authors can continue allowing users to add these to their footer output.
@justintadlock Deprecate hybrid_get_transient_expiration(). ca26bee
@justintadlock Load the wish-list.php functions file early. f77170a
@justintadlock Introduce functions and related filters for themes to display the loo…
…p title and description. These functions are mostly useful for archive-type pages, the blog page, and search results.
@justintadlock Introduce functions and filters for a new HTML attribute system. c2b25ab
@justintadlock i18n functions and styles. ae5b0aa
@justintadlock Restore customize.php because it's needed for loading customizer clas…
@justintadlock Add the Hybrid_Customize_Control_Background_Image class which extends…
… the theme customizer background image control. The purpose of this class is to allow theme authors to add multiple default backgrounds for users to choose from.
@justintadlock Remove filter on 'extra_theme_headers'. 06b277e
@justintadlock Add the hybrid_get_menu() function for loading menu templates. c156b31
@justintadlock Add the hybrid_get_sidebar() function. e2da151
@justintadlock Allow for comment templates in the "/comment" sub-directory. 75f4dbe
@justintadlock Beef up the hybrid_get_content_template() function. This adds smarter…
… support for attachments and allows for content templates in the "/content" sub-folder.
@justintadlock hybrid_body_class() cleanup. dafd193
@justintadlock Deprecated hybrid_body_attributes(), hybrid_post_attributes(), and hy…
…brid_comment_attributes() in favor of the newer hybrid_attr().

Shouldn't the order be the opposite to be consistent with the other functions?


Yes, it should. Updated here: e066831

added some commits Nov 1, 2013
@justintadlock Switch order to look for menu templates. e066831
@justintadlock Add 'plural' <body> class so that theme authors can style non-singula…
…r pages easier.
@justintadlock Add the hybrid_post_format_link() and hybrid_get_post_format_link() f…
…unctions for outputting/getting the post format archive link.
@justintadlock Introduce hybrid_single_*_title() functions for handling many archive…
… titles that WordPress core doesn't handle. These will be useful throughout the framework and in themes because they contain information that is often used in various places. Plus, this will allow us to standardize on date/time strings and keep them consistent for translators.
@justintadlock Add hybrid_search_title() and hybrid_404_title() functions. 8dcd2e0
@justintadlock Introduce functions for outputting common data to the `<head>` area o…
…f a site. This also deprecates the hybrid_document_title() function in favor of a filter on wp_title.
@justintadlock Introduce the hybrid_post_class_filter() to run over the WP post_clas…
…s filter hook. We can now use get_post_class() whenever we need to get the post classes. Clean up context.php a bit. Still more to come.
@justintadlock Deprecate hybrid_get_body_class() in favor of a filter on WordPress b…
…ody_class hook.
@justintadlock Deprecated hybrid_get_comment_class() in favor of a filter on the Wor…
…dPress comment_class hook.
@justintadlock Move deprecated body, post, and comment class functions to deprecated…
@justintadlock Move the deprecated hybrid_avatar() to deprecated.php. 4adce59
@justintadlock Move deprecated hybrid_footer_content() to deprecated.php. f78ca02
@justintadlock Rename comments.php to template-comments.php. d5a3dfe
@justintadlock Rename general.php to template-general.php. 5055409
@justintadlock Split media.php into media.php and template-media.php. 450da3d
@justintadlock Split post-formats.php into post-formats.php and template-post.php. bb498de
@justintadlock Move functions to appropriate template-*.php files. 9ed154b
@justintadlock Move hybrid_locate_theme_file() to utility.php, drop wish-list.php, a…
…nd load utility.php earlier.
@justintadlock Introduce the Hybrid_Media_Meta class for handling attachment/media m…
…etadata in themes.
@justintadlock Adds a few common template functions for working with media from my t…
@justintadlock Documentation updates for hybrid-media-meta.php. c4c89b3
@justintadlock Always load the Hybrid Media Grabber. No longer a need for add_theme_…
…support( 'hybrid-core-media-grabber' ).
@justintadlock Correct inline documentation in hybrid-media-grabber.php. 4d004ab
@justintadlock Update the hybrid.php inline documentation. Introduce Hybrid::include…
…s() and drop Hybrid::functions(). Make sure files are loaded at more appropriate times so that theme authors have more functionality available on the 'after_setup_theme' hook.
@justintadlock Allow theme developers to change the directory path and directory URI…
… of the Hybrid framework folder.
@justintadlock Wrap the Hybrid class in a class_exists() check. 8d153fc
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.0-alpha-2. This marks the point where devs can lo…
…ad the framework multiple times (for example, in a plugin and a theme) without breaking the site. Don't attempt this on versions prior to this version.
@justintadlock Move the text filters for hybrid_get_audio_transcript() out of the fu…
…nction and attached to the hybrid_audio_transcript hook.
@justintadlock Bump Theme Layouts to version 0.6.0-alpha. 9483fec
@justintadlock Change post and comment time title attributes to a US English format. 65fa19e
@justintadlock Don't use strtotime(). 4db293d
@justintadlock Clean up the general link functions. aa9e221
@justintadlock Don't remove quotes from <q> and <blockquote> tags. f741d99
@justintadlock Forgot to save WP link function changes in previous commit. 207af2a
@justintadlock Automatically handle the "Post Thumbnail" text for the post-thumbnail…
… image size.
@justintadlock Docs for hybrid_comment_reply_link(). 679a43c
@justintadlock Clean up hybrid_get_comment_reply_link(). b3db55e
@justintadlock Cleanup for template-comments.php. ca6615b
@justintadlock Remove parameter that isn't used. 466967f
@justintadlock template-media.php cleanup. d755ba3
@justintadlock Bring in the latest revision of the Get the Image plugin, version 1.0…
@justintadlock Theme developers should now pass an array of key/value pairs ('layout…
…-slug' => 'layout-label') for theme layouts instead of an array of layout slugs. It's my hope that this will stir up more innovation amongst theme authors who have been using this feature but just sticking with the defaults. This changeset does away with all default labels and forces the theme author into making decisions that are right for his project.

Also, this should be a big win in the translation and usability departments.  We get rid of text strings that aren't always needed for all themes.  And, theme authors can make wiser decisions about the labels they use.
@justintadlock Docs update for theme-settings.php. 94c5a18
@justintadlock Introduce hybrid_set_prefix(). This will allow theme authors to set a…
… prefix so that they're not asking child theme users to use hybrid_get_prefix(). Using this is safer than relying on the default of get_template().
@justintadlock core.php cleanup. 4a3b83e
@justintadlock Final drop of the use of hybrid_get_prefix() in the framework. The th…
…eme prefix is now only used with the atomic action/filter hook system and theme settings since both of those are specific to the theme. All other hooks within the framework are now prefixed with "hybrid_". This change is for consistency in how hooks are handled.
@justintadlock Bump Cleaner Caption to 0.3.0-alpha. 2c643c5
@justintadlock Add the core 'img_caption_shortcode_width' to Cleaner Caption. eb817c9
@justintadlock Pass 'caption' to the shortcode_atts() function. bdc0d30
@justintadlock cleaner-caption.php cleanup. 564a7ec
@justintadlock Check post_password_required() before filtering chat posts. c995e6e
samikeijonen and others added some commits May 3, 2014
@samikeijonen samikeijonen Change text domain back. 0c8b91e
@justintadlock Merge pull request #62 from samikeijonen/2.0
Check $data if it's an array or object.
@justintadlock Introduce the hybrid_get_blog_url() function for getting the blog pag…
…e (posts page) URL whether it's set to the front page or an alternative page.
@justintadlock Strip tags from the title. 08f68dc
@justintadlock Add equivalent hybrid_get_header() and hybrid_get_footer() functions …
…to go along with the hybrid_get_sidebar() function. These may not be as useful for most projects, but let's have them for the sake of consistency.
@justintadlock Bring in Caledar and Categories widget updates from Widgets Reloaded. 8468c45
@justintadlock Add in support for Jetpack's audio/video embed shortcodes into the me…
…dia grabber.
@justintadlock Add checks for both the Breadcrumb_Trail and Cleaner_Gallery classes. f4d91c7
@justintadlock Add class_exists() check for Get_The_Image. 13ac069
@justintadlock Bring in latest from Cleaner Gallery 1.1 branch. 2d9f165
@justintadlock Allow devs to pass in their own $args to hybrid_list_comments_args(). 3d4f00b
@justintadlock Check post_password_required() for aside, image, and quote post forma…
…t filters.
@justintadlock Updates the Media Grabber to handle media if the post type itself is …
…an attachment. In that case, we just skip straight ahead to loading the media. This change also makes sure the hybrid_*_attachment() functions make of hybrid_media_grabber().
@justintadlock Bring in latest widget updates from Widgets Reloaded. edf259e
@justintadlock Introduce hybrid_front_page_template() filter for better logic when h…
…andling the front page template.
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.0-beta-2. f008616
@justintadlock Introduce hybrid_post_author() and hybrid_get_post_author(). This fun…
…ction is so that devs can properly translate strings with the author name/link in them such as "By %s" or "Published by %s".
@justintadlock Change the priority to 5 on theme layout filters/actions that devs/us…
…ers may be overriding on the default priority later. This makes it easier since they don't need to worry with which priority to use.
@justintadlock Use sanitize_html_class() for sanitizing the theme layouts meta. Sinc…
…e it's intended to be used as a class, sanitize it as such.
@justintadlock Allow devs to overwrite the theme layouts arguments via a filter hook. 638f3e1
@justintadlock Update inline docs for Theme Layouts. 46bbdb5
@justintadlock Code formatting updates for Theme Layouts. 9852d12
@justintadlock Set an empty string as the default for the $attachment variable. Props add0b0c
@justintadlock Bring in bug fixes for the Search widget from Widgets Reloaded. e3a3eff
@Rarst Rarst Added composer.json 26d8da5
@justintadlock Merge pull request #64 from Rarst/composer
Temporarily adding `composer.json` for the purposes of testing. This commit will most likely remain, however.
@justintadlock Drop the prefix from hybrid_do_atomic() and hybrid_apply_atomic(). See: 5d67eda
@justintadlock Merge branch '2.0' of https://github.com/justintadlock/hybrid-core in…
…to 2.0
@justintadlock Add an attribute filter for the common #branding element. 1ce4cdc
@justintadlock Gettext filters, good riddance. @todo Test. Test. Test. 40c2dba
@justintadlock Merge branch '2.0' of https://github.com/justintadlock/hybrid-core in…
…to 2.0
@justintadlock i18n.php cleanup. 33ae504
@justintadlock Where oh where have my widgets gone? http://themehybrid.com/plugins/w… ad73b0a
@justintadlock Merge branch '2.0' of https://github.com/justintadlock/hybrid-core in…
…to 2.0
@justintadlock Make sure single post titles display HTML markup. ef3eae2
@justintadlock Adds the hybrid_get_menu_location_name() function, which is used for …
…adding the `aria-label` attribute for nav menus.
@justintadlock Add translators note. f01785d
@justintadlock Add hybrid_get_sidebar_name() function and use it for the `aria-label…
…` attribute on sidebars.
@justintadlock Add inline docs for hybrid_get_sidebar_name() and change the $handle …
…variable to $sidebar_id to make it clearer.
@justintadlock Automatically add theme support for all WordPress core HTML5 theme fe…
@justintadlock screen-reader-text fixes for RTL. 99a57b8
@justintadlock Add the hybrid_get_min_suffix() function. 8c80f97
@justintadlock Filter single_post_title early. 2e07851
@justintadlock Merge branch '2.0' of https://github.com/justintadlock/hybrid-core in…
…to 2.0
@justintadlock Correct inline docs for hybrid_get_sidebar_name(). b92ac42
@justintadlock Drop all pre-2.0 deprecated functions. Give "removed" status to all 2…
….0 functions that were dropped.
@justintadlock Remove the Color Palette and Theme Fonts extensions. These extensions…
… never panned out. They need complete overhauls in order to even come close to being viable solutions.
@justintadlock Don't call the theme-fonts.php or color-palette.php files. adc05da
@justintadlock Inline docs and code formatting cleanup. 69633d7
@justintadlock Use printf(). b51ef6b
@justintadlock Add the hybrid_single_author_title() function to match the other hybr…
…id_single_*_title() functions.
@justintadlock Use hybrid_get_min_suffix(). 213ee19
@justintadlock Use function_exists( 'get_the_image' ) rather than checking for theme…
… support.
@justintadlock Remove the $attributes parameter from hybrid_attr() and hybrid_get_at…

See: #54
@justintadlock Remove meta box description. We shouldn't need to explain the functio…
@justintadlock Drop hybrid_single_post_title() filter in favor of simply removing st…
…rip_tags() on the 'single_post_title' hook.
@justintadlock Bringing in version 1.0.0 of the Get the Image script. 89cc5f2
@justintadlock Bring in version 1.1.0 of the Cleaner Gallery plugin. 062530e
@justintadlock Version bump Cleaner Caption to 0.3.0 and update copyright dates. a53b967
@justintadlock Version bump Featured Heder to 0.1.2. 7c40d90
@justintadlock Version bump Featured Header to 0.1.2-alpha-1. 71bb631
@justintadlock Remove final ?> from file. 25c6522
@justintadlock Remove the "Featured Header" image size from the list of image sizes …
…to choose.
@justintadlock Code formatting and inline docs cleanup. 75cab70
@justintadlock More inline docs cleanup. f5f613f
@justintadlock Version bump Featured Header to 0.1.2. ddc3be2
@justintadlock Version change for Theme Layouts to 0.6.0 and update copyright dates. 20bf974
@justintadlock First go at a readme.md file. 33dec60
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.0-rc-1. 944802b
@justintadlock Use hybrid_get_parent_textdomain(). 1337b7e
@justintadlock Readme FAQ updates. 2fa54d5
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.0. a6bdf3a
@justintadlock Merge tag '2.0.0'
Tagging version 2.0.0.
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.1-beta-1. 0b07f00
@justintadlock Bring in version 1.0.1 of Get the Image. 1f4e57f
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.1. ce60f00
@justintadlock Merge tag '2.0.1'
Tagging version 2.0.1.
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.2-beta-1. 52ca5cb
@justintadlock Use `itemprop="text"`. c9a0422
@justintadlock Make sure to escape unknown variables in the media meta class. bfdff70
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.2. c136a07
@justintadlock Merge tag '2.0.2'
Tagging version 2.0.2.
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.3-beta-1. a621022
@justintadlock Media Grabber filter dimensions fix for height value added to WP core…
… 4.0's output of the video player.
@justintadlock Fix for when Theme Check incorrectly throws an error when no sidebars…
… are registered by the theme.
@justintadlock Fix for a problem with Theme Check that was outright refused to be co…
…nsidered. Who'd want to use the second parameter of `wp_title()` anyway? That's silly. Here's some uglier code for everyone.
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.3. e7e20a4
@justintadlock Merge tag '2.0.3'
Tagging version 2.0.3.
@justintadlock Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/justintadlock/hybrid-core c3f0d12
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.4-beta-1. 1a834f0
@justintadlock Update to a single textdomain for the framework. Any extensions with …
…their own textdomain will use 'hybrid-core' from here on out.
@justintadlock Fix for Loop Pagination bug. Fixes #56 and #81. Props @jconroy. 0bdd7fe
@justintadlock Check for the existence of a sidebar or menu name before trying to us…
…e it. See: #82
@justintadlock Remove shortcodes to make sure we're in line with the newest WordPres…
…s.org guidelines that don't allow any shortcodes, even those intended for use outside of post content.
@justintadlock Update readme.md with new changelog links. 4fa6fd6
@justintadlock Version bump to 2.0.4. 214ac1a
@justintadlock Merge tag '2.0.4'
Tagging version 2.0.4.

Hi Justin,


Can you please provide a link to official docs? So I can review the docs? I am using few extra shortcodes apart from these one's, so I can adapt my code accordingly.



Loop Pagination was dropped in the dev branch.

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