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=== Hybrid Tabs ===
Contributors: greenshady
Donate link:
Tags: widget, jquery, javascript
Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 3.7
Stable tag: 0.2.1
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Adds a tabbed widget to the Hybrid theme that can be used in multiple widget areas.
== Description ==
This plugin has been retired. I've replaced it with a much better plugin that can work with any theme. Check out [Whistles](, which allows you to create tabs, toggles, and accordions.
Thank you to all the supporters of this plugin over the years.
### Forks
If you'd like to fork this plugin or even take over the project altogether, let me know. I'm done with it.
== Installation ==
1. Upload `` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the *Plugins* menu in WordPress.
3. Add the <em>Hybrid Tabs</em> widget to one of your widget areas from the *Widgets* panel.
More detailed instructions can be found in the plugin's `readme.html` file.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Why create this plugin? =
Users wanted a tabbed widget that would work well with child themes of the <a href="" title="Hybrid WordPress theme">Hybrid theme framework</a>. This plugin allows that.
= What does this plugin do, exactly? =
It creates a new widget called *Hybrid Tabs* that offers a several tab-content options.
= What tabs are available by default? =
* Bookmarks/Links (individual link category lists).
* Authors.
* Calendar.
* Categories.
* Daily archives.
* Meta.
* Monthly archives.
* Pages.
* Recent posts (alphabetical).
* Recent posts (chronological).
* Random.
* Tag/term clouds (based on all taxonomies).
* Weekly archives.
* Yearly archives.
= Can I get more tabs? =
If you have any of these plugins activated, they will create additional tab options for you:
* <a href="" title="Configurable Tag Cloud">Configurable Tag Cloud</a>
* <a href="" title="Events Calendar">Events Calendar</a>
* <a href="" title="flickrRSS">flickrRSS</a>
* <a href="" title="Get Recent Comments">Get Recent Comments</a>
* <a href="" title="Hot Friends">Hot Friends</a>
* <a href="" title="Quote This">Quote This</a>
* <a href="" title="Sidebar Login">Sidebar Login</a>
* <a href="" title="WP Cumulus">WP Cumulus</a>
* <a href="" title="WP Post Ratings">WP Post Ratings</a>
* <a href="" title="WP Post Views">WP Post Views</a>
* <a href="" title="WP Stats">WP Stats</a>
* <a href="" title="WP Wall">WP Wall</a>
= Can I make custom tabs? =
Of course. Included in the plugin's `readme.html` file is a set of instructions on how to create your own tabs for this widget.
= I don't understand any of this. What should I do? =
You should do a little reading. The `readme.html` file included with the plugin has links to tons of resources. Everything you need to know is there.
== Screenshots ==
There are currently no screenshots.
== Changelog ==
**Version 0.2**
* Completely recoded from the ground up.
* Widget uses WordPress 2.8's new widget class.
* Created additional tab options.
* Added the `register_tab()` function for creating custom tabs.
* Added support for several plugins.
* Removed support for versions of WordPress prior to 2.8.
**Version 0.1**
* Plugin launch.
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