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* This is your child theme functions file. In general, most PHP customizations should be placed within this
* file. Sometimes, you may have to overwrite a template file. However, you should consult the theme
* documentation and support forums before making a decision. In most cases, what you want to accomplish
* can be done from this file alone. This isn't a foreign practice introduced by parent/child themes. This is
* how WordPress works. By utilizing the functions.php file, you are both future-proofing your site and using
* a general best practice for coding.
* All style/design changes should take place within your style.css file, not this one.
* The functions file can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Always double-check your code to make
* sure that you close everything that you open and that it works before uploading it to a live site.
* @package MyLifeChild
* @subpackage Functions
/* Adds the child theme setup function to the 'after_setup_theme' hook. */
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'picturesque_child_theme_setup', 11 );
* Setup function. All child themes should run their setup within this function. The idea is to add/remove
* filters and actions after the parent theme has been set up. This function provides you that opportunity.
* @since 0.1.0
function picturesque_child_theme_setup() {
/* Get the theme prefix ("picturesque"). */
$prefix = hybrid_get_prefix();
/* Example action. */
// add_action( "{$prefix}_header", 'picturesque_child_example_action' );
/* Example filter. */
// add_filter( "{$prefix}_site_title", 'picturesque_child_example_filter' );