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=== Quote This ===
Contributors: greenshady
Donate link:
Tags: widget, shortcode, plugin, post, page, quote, quotes, random
Requires at least: 3.4
Tested up to: 3.5
Stable tag: 0.2
Allows the user to call random quotes with the quote_this() function, [quote-this] shortcode, or Quote This widget.
== Description ==
*Quote This* is yet another quote plugin. It has been a script I've used on my personal blog for a few years that I figured I'd share with the rest of the WordPress community.
Basically, it lets you show quotations on your blog in one of three ways:
* `quote_this()` template tag for your theme template files.
* `[quote-this]` shortcode for adding it to your posts and pages.
* <em>Quote This</em> widget for use in widget areas.
== Installation ==
1. Uzip the `` folder.
1. Upload the `quote-this` folder to your `/wp-content/plugins` directory.
1. In your WordPress dashboard, head over to the *Plugins* section.
1. Activate *Quote This*.
More detailed instructions are included in the plugin's `readme.html` file.
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Why was this plugin created? =
It was just an old script I've had lying around, gathering dust. I've been using it on my personal blog for years, so I figured someone might make some use of it.
= How do I call the function in my theme templates? =
<?php if ( function_exists( 'quote_this' ) ) quote_this(); ?>
= How do I use the shortcode in my posts? =
= How do I use the widget? =
Head over to the *Widgets* section in your WordPress admin and click the "Add" button for the *Quote This* widget. Once added, you can select how you want to display the quotes.
= What are the parameters? =
* Which type of quotes to show.
* Possible values: `all` (default), `art`, `film`, `friendship`, `individual`, `life`, `literature`
* How to order the quote(s) shown.
* Possible values: `rand` (more options will be added in the future)
* Whether the quotation should be printed to the screen or returned for use in a function (is not used for the `[quote-this]` shortcode.)
* Possible values: `true` (default), `false`
= Can I get more detailed instructions? =
If you need a more detailed guide, see `readme.html`, which is included with the plugin. It has a few examples and explains everything.
== Screenshots ==
Screenshots are not really needed, but you can see this plugin in action on the <a href="" title="Justin Tadlock's Writing">Writing page</a> of my personal blog.
== Changelog ==
**Version 0.2**
* Pretty much every line of code has changed. Yeah, so there's no much point in documenting it. Treat this as if it's a new plugin.
**Version 0.1**
* Plugin released.
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