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Base plugin for handling restaurant sites. Created for themers building restaurant themes.
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Let's hope this doesn't break. :)

A plugin for creating various features for restaurant sites. This plugin should be a simple base for restaurants. Don't think of it as a plugin for the fanciest restaurant in the world with 20 daily specials, 5-course meals, and every other thing under the sun. Think Mom-and-Pop restaurants, cafes, small diners, and so on.

Use this plugin as a base for the smallest restaurants. Then, build add-on plugins to extend this for larger-scale restaurants.

Version 0.1.0 goals

  • Create a solid foundation to extend in the future.
  • Handle menus:
    • Post type: restaurant_item (individual menu items)
    • Taxonomy: restaurant_tag (generic taxonomy)
  • Set up structure for menus:
    • /menus - Menu items archive.
    • /menus/items/slug - Single menu item.
    • /menus/tags/slug - Single tag archive.

Future goals

  • Build plugins that extend this plugin:
    • Menu item reviews.
    • Meal times taxonomy.
    • Courses taxonomy.

Template tags

  • rp_is_restaurant() - Viewing any restaurant page?
  • rp_get_menu_item_price() - Returns the price of a menu item.
  • rp_menu_item_price() - Echos the price.
  • rp_get_formatted_menu_item_price() - Returns the formatted (with dollar sign) menu item price (filterable for other currencies).
  • rp_formatted_menu_item_price() - Echos the formatted price.


  • Need to add add_theme_support( 'restaurant' ) in functions.php.
  • Templates needed:
    • archive-restaurant_item.php - (menu item archive).
    • single-restaurant_item.php - (single menu item view).
    • taxonomy-restaurant_tag.php - (single tag archive).


  • When creating custom post types or taxonomies related to the restaurant menu, make sure to build with the rp_restaurant_menu_base() function, which defines the URL base for anything related to the menu. So, a course taxonomy's rewrite slug should be rp_restaurant_menu_base() . '/course'.
  • Custom taxonomy and post type names should be prefixed with restaurant_. So, course becomes restaurant_course.
  • Custom admin screens should go under the "Restaurant" menu item. This should be a sub-menu page for edit.php?post_type=restaurant_item.
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