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A native iPhone client to the Dragon Go Server
Objective-C Ruby
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Merge pull request #11 from mknippen/master

Added Ability To Accept Invitations
latest commit e15e3fea7b
@justinweiss authored
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Classes made updates for pull request.
DGSPhone.xcodeproj started invite code
DGSTests started invite code
Images Updated version to 2.0.0.
LogServer Fixed the path to the log directory for LogServer
Resources changes made via pull request talk.
Site Updated homepage title/description
TestData Updated DGS.m to use the quick_do.php api where possible
XIBs Finished moving views to storyboards
.gitignore Added iPhone -> iPhone push notifications.
Adhoc.xcconfig Updated CocoaPods and added a JSONKit dependency
AppIcon.png Modified icons for high res support
AppIcon@2x.png Modified icons for high res support
Config.h Fixed a race where we'd skip updating the server game list sometimes.
DGSPhone-Info.plist Bumped version.
DGSPhone_Prefix.pch Removed logic tests and moved to application tests.
Debug.xcconfig Major dependency cleanup and rework:
Default-568h@2x.png Updated Default.pngs.
Default.png Updated Default.pngs.
Default@2x.png Updated Default.pngs. Remove vendored Fuego and Boost. Moved all dependencies to static libs
Gemfile Updated some dependencies.
Gemfile.lock Updated some dependencies.
Keys.h.example Added the TestFlight SDK.
LICENSE Update license and updated project to Xcode 4
Podfile Updated TestFlight and InnerBand.
Podfile.lock made updates for pull request. v1.1 release
Release.xcconfig Major dependency cleanup and rework:
acknowledgements.html Somehow misspelled a name :-(
boost-framework.podspec Remove vendored Fuego and Boost. Added the TestFlight SDK.
fuego-framework.podspec Remove vendored Fuego and Boost.
main.m Added running games to the games list view.

Dragon Go Client

Dragon Go Client is the easiest way to play Go on the Dragon Go Server from your iPhone!

The Dragon Go Server ( is a place where people around the world can get together and play the game of Go. Dragon Go Client is the fast, simple way to catch up on your games on the iPhone.


  • See the games that are waiting for your move
  • Tap-to-zoom makes it simple to play the right move, every time
  • Supports the entire game flow, from placing handicap stones to scoring
  • Read, write, and respond to messages from opponents all over the world
  • Post new games that Dragon Go Server users can join


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