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# Require your plugins here
require 'robut/plugin/twss'
require 'robut/storage/yaml_store'
# Add the plugin classes to the Robut plugin list.
# Plugins are handled in the order that they appear in this array.
Robut::Plugin.plugins << Robut::Plugin::TWSS
# Configure the robut jabber connection and you're good to go!
Robut::Connection.configure do |config|
# Note that the jid must end with /bot if you don't want robut to
# spam the channel, as described by the last bullet point on this
# page:
config.jid = ''
config.password = 'password'
config.nick = 'Bot Nick' = ''
# Custom @mention name
# config.mention_name = 'Bot'
# Ignore personal messages
# config.enable_private_messaging = false
# Some plugins require storage
Robut::Storage::YamlStore.file = ".robut" = Robut::Storage::YamlStore
# Add a logger if you want to debug the connection
# config.logger =
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