A simple Purescript JSON library that uses types automatically
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A simple Foreign/JSON library based on the Purescript's RowToList feature.

Get going quickly with the Quickstart section of the guide: https://purescript-simple-json.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quickstart.html

You may also be interested in this presentation about how Simple-JSON works well with PureScript-Record: https://speakerdeck.com/justinwoo/easy-json-deserialization-with-simple-json-and-record. Note that the slides are based on an older version of the library and on PureScript 0.11.6, and it is not necessary to understand these slides to get started.


In brief:

type MyJSON =
  { apple :: String
  , banana :: Int
  , cherry :: Maybe Boolean
decodeToMyJSON :: String -> Either (NonEmptyList ForeignError) MyJSON
decodeToMyJSON = SimpleJSON.readJSON

See the API Docs or the tests for usage.

There is also a guide for how to use this library on Read the Docs.

Warning: Maybe

This library will decode undefined and null as Nothing and write Nothing as undefined. Please use the Nullable type if you'd like to read and write null instead. Please take caution when using Maybe as this default may not be what you want.