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PHPUnit Presentation
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PHPUnit Presentation


  1. What is PHPUnit specifically and Unit Testing generally
    • Unit Testing Framework
      • Basically the standard in PHP Unit Testing Frameworks
    • Install
      • Composer
      • or Pear
      • or Phar
    • What is Unit Testing
      • Unit Testing is testing individual units of code (ie single method/function) to verify it works the way you want it to today, it works the way you expect it to in the future and it doesn't get broken down the road
      • If you aren't unit testing you should be, it makes your life so much better
      • Unit Testing is supposed to test things in isolation as much as possible (further explain down the road) but basically we want to test just the method not the dependencies
    • Why should we unit test
  2. Simple Cases of using PHPUnit to Unit Test Code
    • add
    • subtract
    • multiply with dataProviders and incomplete test
    • exceptedException
  3. Slightly more Complex Case
    • Some more complex examples of tests
  4. Mocking Objects with Mockery
    • PHPUnit Mocking is ok, but we can do better
  5. Code Coverage
  6. Questions
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