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Build System:
- Remove symdef files and use macros (like most other projects)
- Use own name mangling scheme instead of ltdl's, which will eliminate the
need for .la files or extra trickery.
- rtp module ported to Win32 (sendmsg/recvmsg emulation)
- iconv stuff sent from utils to server (UTF-8)
- iconv sample loading in server
- gettextify pulseaudio
- drop dependency of libpulse on libX11, instead use an external mini binary
- module-tunnel: improve latency calculation
- module-tunnel: more reliable audio streaming over wifi
- Compressed network streams for tunnels/rtp streams. (Might be a good GSoC project)
This builds on passthrough support. A good candidate codec would be CELT.
- autoload
- ssl
- key rings for auth
- challenge response auth
- sasl auth
- use scatter/gather io for sockets
- examine if it is possible to mimic esd's handling of half duplex cards
(switch to capture when a recording client connects and drop playback during
that time)
- add an API to libpulse for allocating memory from the pa_context memory pool
- configuration file syntax:
- multiline configuration statements
- recursive .if
Long term:
- pass meta info for hearing impaired
- X11: support for the X11 synchronization extension
Backends for:
- portaudio (semi-done)
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