Fixup use of stage parameter in filter_calc_factors #19

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justinzane commented Apr 5, 2013

  1. In the comment above filter_calc_factors, the "stage" parameter is
    incorrectly referred to as "start". However, actually it is unused,
    and please be assured that the Q factor is the same for both stages of
    the LR4 crossover and for your use case. The use case when it is not
    the same is, say, when you are trying to build a 4th order Butterworth
    filter from two biquads - but this is not our use case, we both need a
    cascade of two 2nd order Butterworth filters, not a 4th order
    Butterworth filter.

NOTE: The code has been changed since submission to include the table of quality factors from Dr. Linkwitz' website. Though this is not necessarily relevant to the immediate use case, considering Tanu's suggestion that the biquad code be moved into pulsecore, it seems potentially useful.

@ghost ghost assigned justinzane Apr 5, 2013

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