IRC bot for Student Affairs - Information Technology at UC Berkeley. Built on Cinch.
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Justbot: a helpful IRC bot with user authentication and authorization

Jake Teton-Landis <>
copyright 2012, 2013. all rights reserved

see {} for information about hacking on Justbot


Justbot is an IRC bot based on Cinch, a threaded IRC bot framework. You can discover the different features availible to Justbot users looking at {Justbot::Plugins}

Here are a few of the better features, back in 2012 before Twitter did some API stuff:

  • tweet right from irc by typing !tweet <update text>
  • follow all your Rescomp freinds at once by typing Justbot: twitter followall
  • bask in the warm glow of the social as Justbot prints tweets to ## in 3-color glory!

There are a few components that are not Cinch-dependent, such as the DataMapper users support, but they are ment to be used from Cinch plugins.


Core Requirements

In order of importance:

  1. Ruby 1.9.1 or better. Tested to work with 2.0.0-p247 as well.
  2. Cinch framework (gem install cinch) is the core library for the bot.
  3. Two (!) gems are used for interfacing with the Twitter APIs:
  4. twitter is used for most Twitter API interaction
  5. twitter_oauth is used during user creation to get oauth tokens and twitter_id
  6. Users support depends on DataMapper for ORM, although only only 'dm-core', 'dm-migrations' and 'dm-transactions' are required at present. It'll try to connect to a sqlite database in config by default. Edit lib/database.rb to customize.
  7. Tweets are run through HTMLentities before being displayed, so you'll need to have that gem installed, too

More Requirements

  • {Justbot::Session}, {Justbot::Models::User}: these modules have inline Rspec tests. Install 'rspec' or remove the tests.
  • {Justbot::Plugins::SteamPowered}: requires 'steam-condenser', an apllingly poor gem for interacting with Valve Software's products.
  • This documentation is generated using YARD but really if you like Ruby (or even use it at all) you should have yard server --gems running somewhere.

To Run

$ cd /path/to/bot/
$ ruby bin/justbot

Help for IRC Users

/msg <botname> help will give you an overview of the active plugins in a bot instance:

> help
Help for Justbot
Administration, Friendly, Help, Registration, Sessions, Tweet, TwitterFeed, Steam
help in Help
  show help information for the bot, for PLUGIN in bot, or for a COMMAND in PLUGIN

You can then query to get help about specific plugins. Plugin help uses prefix-based matching, so 'help admin' will show the help for the Adimistration plugin.

The confusing thing is, commands are not called prefixed by module name. For example, if you wanted to get help about command twitter follow in module TwitterFeed you might type the following:

> Justbot: help twit twitter follow
> /msg Justbot help twit twitter follow

but to actually request the command, you would type

> Justbot: twitter follow @justbotirc
> /msg Justbot twitter follow @justbotirc


Source Code Access

Justbot is now open-source! I still need to move the Twitter modules to read config from environemnt variables, but for now the config file for twitter stuff, config/twitter.yaml just has my personal Oauth keys missing.

Visit Justbot online at


I need to get these things done for Justbot to be usable.

  1. Refactor user registration so that it does not depend on Twitter oauth. A user should be able to register without twitter

  2. Refactor the User model so that Twitter accounts are seperate from Justbot users. Add TwitterAccount model with 1:1 link to User.

  3. Update Twitter-related modules to coordinate thier Oauth token retrieval efforts to load tokesn from environment variables. Twitter plugins should automatically de-activate themselves if these environment variables are undefined.

Project Idea: SaltyBot

Provide an IRC interface to SaltyBet. The bot will manage a shared SaltyBet user account with Illuminati privelages. It should post the names and rankings of contenders each time a new match occurs.

Users in the channel vote on which contender SaltyBot should place its bet on.


SaltyBot> Round 9245                                     $4570 SaltyBucks 
SaltyBot> ================================VS=============================
SaltyBot> Vegeta SSJ4                                          Jonny Cage
SaltyBot> 12/0/2 - 85.71% win, 70% conf         6/2/0 - 75% win, 50% conf
jitl>  SaltyBot: bet vegeta
gchao> SaltyBot: bet jonny
SaltyBot> Voting results: 1 for "Vegeta SSJ4", 1 for "Jonny Cage"
SaltyBot> Betting $100 on "Vegeta SSJ4" (better win ratio in tie)
SaltyBot> TO THE SALT MINES WITH YOU: sanic4lyfe ($50), bobparr
          ($9001), margretThatcher ($299), IvanTheTerrible ($400)
SaltyBot> Round 9245 over: Jonny Cage wins!
SaltyBot> jitl: Apply yourself. This is your fourth bad call today.
SaltyBot> gchao: Don't get cocky, kid.

When ties occur in voting, SaltyBot will bet less money, and bet on the better of the two contendors.