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granular sample player for norns
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mangl v1

arc required.

based on angl by @tehn and the engine: glut by @artfwo

load samples via param menu.

mangl is a 4 track granular sample player.

  • arc ring 1 = speed

  • arc ring 2 = pitch

  • arc ring 3 = grain size

  • arc ring 4 = density

  • norns key1 = alt

  • norns key2 = enable/disable voice

  • norns key3 = next track

  • norns enc1 = track volume

nb: key3 will only advance to the next track if there is a sample loaded. otherwise returns to track 1.

holding alt and turning a ring, or pressing a button, performs a secondary function.

  • alt + ring1 = scrub

  • alt + ring2 = fine tune

  • alt + ring3 = spread

  • alt + ring4 = jitter

  • alt + key2 = loop in/out

  • alt + key3 = loop clear

nb: loop in/out is set in one button press. loop in on press, loop out on release.


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