You want to listen to r/listentothis and seem like you're working. Yeah, me too.
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Listen To This

I get it. You want to go over to /r/listentothis but you don't want to leave the terminal. Maybe you're lazy. Maybe you can't 'cause you work in an open space and your boss is always suspiciously looking over your shoulder to see what you are up to.

Worry not. I'm here for you.


Let's cut straight to the action, shall we?

Start by cloning this repo.

git clone
cd listen_to_this

Now, let's install some dependencies shall we?

If you are running macOS with Homebrew, all you have to do is to run


Otherwise, you're going to need to install mpv and youtube-dl. Once you install those, you just need to run bin/setup. See? Easy.


ruby app/app.rb

will do the trick. For now. I'll turn this into something user-friendlier later on.


Feel free to contribute. You can also just open an issue if you want to. Or make a pull request, whatever you prefer.

Here's one of them TODO lists to help you out if you want to do something.


  • find a friendlier, more $PATH-y way to run this than ruby app/app.rb
  • filter songs by style (i wonder if i can stick ai into this, with all those different genres)
  • add pause, next and previous CLI controls
  • prompt for next page once the songs end