Better webpage font smoothing in Chrome on macOS.
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macOS Font Smoothing

You have probably noticed how the font smoothing differs from Safari to Chrome.

I like the Safari one better. Don't believe me? Check the before and after:





How it works

This is one of the most simple extensions ever. Literally one js file which checks if the website has already set the -webkit-font-smoothing property. If not, it sets it to antialiased.

This is done to respect any stylistic options by the developers of the website. If they insist on having a different font rendering, let them have it.

Wait, aren't there similar extensions?

Well, yes. But they were not open source and required funky permissions. I'm paranoid and suspicious of that, so I'd rather have my own open source extension.

Feel free to use them if they suit you better.


Click here and download the latest .crx file.

Then visit chrome://extension, drag and drop the .crx file to install it.

Chrome Webstore link soon.


Feel free to jump in and open pull requests. This was literally done in 10 minutes so the standards for contributing are not very high.

There is however a TODO list if you want to lend a hand:


  • [ ] Add an icon
  • [ ] Allow a "force" mode which always sets the font-smoothing, regardless of the previous website setting.
  • [ ] Allow users to whitelist websites.