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Sublime Susy 0.1

Susy Snippets for Sublime Text

Currently contains all the basic Susy snippets for Functions and Mixins, and hopefully we can fill in more (like auto-completions) later.


Mostly works with favorite Susy Function/Mixin as is, and the snippets are going to prepend the @include on their own (except for functions of course). You should be able to tab over everything, just as you'd expect from ST2 Snippets, right ?

  • span-columns() has a bit more snippets:

    • scol expands to a simple:
      @include span-columns($columns, $total_columns);

    • scolo adds omega to the mix: @include span-columns($columns omega, $total_columns);

    • scolumn expands to a full span-columns mixin: @include span-columns($total_columns omega, $context, $padding, $from);