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Personal Message Bus

It is a little difficult to explain what the Personal Message Bus (PMB) is, so it's perhaps easier to state first what it can help you do:

  • Remote copy - copy small and large snippets of text from any remote system, no matter how many levels of SSH deep, into your local clipboard
  • Opening URLs in local browser - send URLs from your remote editor or IRC client and open it locally in your desktop browser, works for html content as well
  • Long running job notification - run that 20 minute deployment script, kick off that 11Gb database import, or run any other long job and get a notification on your desktop when it is complete
  • Log file streaming - send log files from a dozen servers and aggregate them locally or on a remote system
  • Remote command coordination - update a cloud database from one server and then run a database import on another, making sure that the commands are done in order and as soon as possible, receiving notifications for each step
  • Mobile and watch notification - leave work with a deployment running and receive a message on your watch halfway through dinner that the deployment succeeded
  • File download notification - download large files and get a notification when the download is complete.

All this, and all communication is encrypted and sent over an SSL connection. There are no complex firewall holes to punch, everything goes through a RabbitMQ instance out in the cloud.

To learn more and get started using PMB, head over here.

The rest of this document details how to hack on PMB.

Hacking on PMB

$ go get
# cd $GOPATH/src/
# go build

If you need a nice clean go environment, try out skeg.

Similar projects

  • remotecopy - My first foray into copying data from remote systems to my local clipboard. PMB started because I really liked the power of remotecopy and wanted to apply that power to other problems.
  • remote-pbcopy - The inspiration for remotecopy and, transitively, PMB.
  • lemonade
  • DoIt

Thank you

This project wouldn't be possible without the following libraries:


Copyright © 2014-2017 Nate Jones

Distributed under the Apache License Version 2.0.


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