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# RabbitMQ Puppet Module

Jeff McCune <>
Dan Bode <>

This module manages the RabbitMQ Middleware service.

This module will be updated and released to the forge shortly:

RabbitMQ Packages are published in the Puppet Labs ProSvc repository at:

This module has been tested against 2.4.1 and is known to not support
all features against earlier versions.


This module provides its core functionality through two main classes:

rabbitmq::repo::apt - sets up an apt repo source for the vendor rabbitmq packages

class { 'rabbitmq::repo::apt': 
  pin    => 900,
  before => Class['rabbitmq::server'] 

rabbitmq::server - class for installing rabbitmq-server:

class { 'rabbitmq::server':
  port              => '5673',
  delete_guest_user => true,

This module also contains 3 native types:
(unfortunately, you must specify the provider explicitly for these types)


- query all current users:
#>puppet resource rabbitmq_user 

- manage rabbitmq_user
rabbitmq_user { 'dan':
  admin    => true,
  password => 'bar',
  provider => 'rabbitmqctl',


- query all current vhosts
#>puppet resource rabbitmq_vhost

rabbitmq_vhost { 'myhost':
  ensure => present,
  provider => 'rabbitmqctl',


rabbitmq_user_permissions { 'dan@myhost':
  configure_permission => '.*',
  read_permission      => '.*',
  write_permission     => '.*',
  provider => 'rabbitmqctl',
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