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(ns testclj.core
[compojure.core :only [defroutes GET]]
[compojure.handler :only [site]]
[compojure.route :as route]
[clojure.string :as string]
[testclj.reload :as reload]))
(defn parse-int
"Parse a string into an integer"
(Integer/parseInt str))
(defn filter-re
"Filters a collection of strings on a regular expression"
[regex col]
(filter #(re-matches regex %) col))
(defn split-uri
"Splits a URI on / into a vector"
(string/split uri #"/"))
(def operations {"-" - "+" + "mod" mod "div" / "mul" *})
(defn str-rest
"Returns the 'rest' of the string, a.k.a. remove the first character."
(apply str (rest string)))
(defn operate-on-numbers-in-uri
(let [parts (rest (split-uri (str-rest uri)))
operation (first parts)
operands (rest parts)]
(if (contains? operations operation)
(->> operands
(filter-re #"\d+")
(map parse-int)
(reduce (get operations operation))
(str "result is "))
"Invalid operation"
(defroutes app-routes
(GET "/" [] "Hello from Compojure")
(GET "/:who" [who] (str "Hello to '" who "' from Compojure"))
(GET "/math/*" {uri :uri} (operate-on-numbers-in-uri uri))
(route/resources "/")
(route/not-found "Not Found"))
(def app
(site app-routes))
(defn -main [port]
(run-server (site #'app-routes) {:port (Integer. port)}))
; 1. run 'lein repl' in another tmux tab
; 2. run 'cp%' on the next line to start the dev server
; 3. run 'cp%' on the next line to stop the dev server
(def stop-dev (dev-server))
(defn dev-server
"Start a dev server with live-reload of namespaces"
(-main 8080))