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A library of useful template-related functionality for Django applications.
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Django template utilities

This is a small library of template tags and other template-related utilities for use with Django. They are designed to be an alternative to actually writing new templatetags, instead it offers register/unregister functionality that lets you define functions to handle the tag at any point in your code base. Of course it requires Django

Downloading and installing

The easiest download method is a Git clone. All of the code is maintained in a Git repository, and checking the code out from the repository makes it easy to handle updates and contributions. To download and install, simply clone the project from github

$ git clone git://  

This will create a directory called template_utils, and download the current code into it. From there, you should be able to add template_utils to your INSTALLED_APPS setting of any Django project and have it work. This application provides no models, so you don't need to run syncdb before using it.

Using distutils

Alternatively, you can download a packaged version of the entire application and use Python's distutils to install it::

wget -O template_utils.tar.gz
tar zxvf template_utils.tar.gz
cd justquick-django-template-utils-......... (this is unique for each release, tab completion is your friend)
sudo python install

Feature overview

Currently, five main components are bundled into template_utils:

  • Template tags for generic content retrieval. See docs/generic_content.txt

  • Template tags for robust, custom comparison operations. See docs/comparison.txt

  • Template tags for retrieving public comments_ (for when a comment-moderation system is in use). See docs/public_comments.txt

  • Template tags for retrieving and parsing RSS and Atom feeds_ and displaying the results in template. See docs/feeds.txt

  • A generic text-to-HTML conversion system_ with template filter support. See docs/markup.txt

  • A system for generating template context processors_ which can add arbitrary settings to template contexts. See docs/context_processors.txt

  • Node classes_ for simplifying some common types of custom template tags. See docs/nodes.txt

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