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notify-webhook is a git post-receive hook script that posts JSON data to a web hook capable server.

This implements the GitHub Web hooks API as closely as possible. It allows arbitrary git repositories to use Web hook capable services.

As an example, this script works very well with commitbot which sends commit notifications to XMPP group chat rooms.


This code is copyright (c) 2008 by Jack Moffitt and is available under the GPLv3. See LICENSE.txt for details.



To use notify-webhook, just copy to your repository's .git/hooks dir and call it post-receive. Be sure to set it executable with chmod 755 post-receive as well.

You'll need to edit the very top of the file where the constants are defined.

  • POST_URL is the URL of the web hook server
  • REPO_URL is the URL of your repository browser
  • COMMIT_URL is the URL of a commit in your respository browser. '%s' in this string will be replaced with the SHA1 hash.
  • REPO_NAME is the name of the repository
  • REPO_OWNER_NAME is name of the repository owner
  • REPO_OWNER_EMAIL is the repository owner's e-mail address
  • REPO_DESC is the repository description