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# this is for keeping track of what we're adding to 0.9 as we go to make it
# easier to write "What's New" documentation and presentations later. Please
# update it whenever a substantial change is made.
# the format of this document is subject to change; I'm just wanting to get
# things started
Upgraded Django from 1.0.X to Django 1.2.X
* Projects have been updated to use Django 1.2.X features.
* Pinax core has been modified to work with CSRF (by default) and new
messages contrib app.
Improvements to account app
* Moved User instance creation to a new method ``SignupForm.create_user``
This gives an extension point to modify how User instances are created
via the ``SignupForm``.
* ```` now returns a dictionary of user credentials to be
used in the call to ``authenticate``. This makes it easier to do e-mail
based authentication.
Improved waitinglist app
* Added {% waitinglist_entry_form as varname %} templatetag to give slightly
more flexibility to where the form is displayed. Used to be coupled in
the homepage.html template.
* Fixed the spelling of waitinglist_sucess URLpattern name.
* Removed nasty homepage view from private_beta_project/ that dealt
with WaitingListEntryForm. This added a new view list_signup in waitinglist
app where POSTs are sent. GETs render waitinglist/list_signup.html where
a user can add themselves as well.
Improved password reset
* Password reset has been slightly modified to address many issues that were
discovered in 0.7. It was brought in line with the same password reset
spec that Django contrib auth implements.
Improved support for non-username sites
* Introduced new templatetag {% user_display %} which takes a single User
instance and maps it to a display value defined by ACCOUNT_USER_DISPLAY.
Default value of ACCOUNT_USER_DISPLAY is lambda user: user.username.
Added nested group support
**This feature is in-development**
* The internal groups app was externalized as django-groups.
* Group base model was given two new fields: content_type and object_id for
nesting groups (these field names are subject to change).
* group_slug has been replaced with group-level specific naming. For example
in the previous groups support group apps would hook up a content object
apps such as::
bridge = ContentBridge(Project, "projects")
urlpatterns += bridge.include_urls("topics.urls", r"^project/(?P<group_slug>[-\w]+)/topics/")
We can no longer rely on group_slug as shown above since content object
apps can now be group apps. The new and correct way is to use the lower
case form of the model name::
bridge = ContentBridge(Project)
urlpatterns += bridge.include_urls("topics.urls", r"^project/(?P<project_slug>[-\w]+)/topics/")
Notice the second argument to ContentBridge is no longer needed. It now
uses the app_label for the model by default.
* The new signature of ContentBridge.get_group has changed from::
where kwargs comes from the new required view signature::
def project_detail(request, pk, **kwargs):
The reason for this change is because the data you get from the URL has
slightly changed as well.
Added a new starter project for serving up static media and templates
* Allows HTML mockups to have a ready Pinax layout and take advantage of the
Django templating language.
Updated django-staticfiles from 0.1.2 to 0.2.0
* The build_media and resolve_media management commands have been renamed to
build_static and resolve_static to be slightly less confusing.
* Remove the unneeded prefix in the STATICFILES_MEDIA_DIRS setting unless you
specifically want to use that prefix in your templates as well.
("my_project", os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, "media")),
("pinax", os.path.join(PINAX_ROOT, "media", PINAX_THEME)),
os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, "media"),
os.path.join(PINAX_ROOT, "media", PINAX_THEME),
* Update your to use the latest version of the media and static file
serving view:
if settings.SERVE_MEDIA:
urlpatterns += patterns("",
(r"^site_media/", include("staticfiles.urls")),
if settings.SERVE_MEDIA:
urlpatterns += patterns("",
(r"", include("staticfiles.urls")),