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Decentralized Git Platform (Not for sale to Microsoft)
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Decentralized Git Platform (Not for sale to Microsoft)

Git UI

For the purpose of this hackathon we launch git server UI in Docker container. While there are multiple slim solutions (alpine/git and jkarlos/git-server-docker), this project uses go-based gitea UI: gitea/gitea with Maria DB.

To sturt the server you need to use Docker and docker-compose. Start web ui and database containers in detached mode:

docker-compose up -d

If you like to ssh to web or db instance, you could use docker-compose exec web /bin/sh. Gitea provides swagger API: http://localhost:3000/api/swagger which allows quick exploration and interactive requests.

As the fist sted you need to login to Web UI http://localhost:3000 and create a user. That user would be an admin who could manage other users later.

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