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Docker rocks & now works on OSX
2015-06-10 22:00:12 -0700
2015-06-15 03:00:01 -0700

Docker Rocks

credit: guillaume-bolduc-259596-unsplash.jpg

Updates September 2016, 2018 Boot2Docker has been replaced by Docker for Mac

To those on OSX or Windows: Don't let a slow experience give you an impression that Docker isn't enterprise-grade!

  1. Docker is amazing, fast, and flexible.
  2. Prior tools, boot2docker particularly, were slow and prone to crash.

Docker can currently run natively on a Linux Kernel v3.4+ - and the current boot2docker vm actually runs v4.

Best use of your hardware: Install the Latest Debian or Ubuntu on your Mac/Windows box,

... c'mon those games aren't helping your code...

Check your setup

Review the output of docker info command.

  1. Security: Check the server for unexpectedly open ports (with nmap from a remote network)
  2. DNS: Use a local cache or low-latency DNS server.
  3. Storage: Use the correct storage driver (overlay2 is likely)

Check out the Docker for Mac homepage