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Quickly Setup an Express Server

In only 3 steps!

What's included?

  • RESTful express server with less cruft than any 'generator'.
  • Includes optimized defaults: CORS, logging & error handling!

Setup Options:

  1. Video: 'Live coding' getting setup - ~2 min.
  2. Cheat: tl;dr automated shell script
  3. Instructions: 3 manual steps


Watch Video on @justsml's Channel

Watch Video on @justsml's Channel


2 shell scripts for the impatient: an express app.js generator ~/express-setup.sh. And a route generator, with multiple choice and naming ~/express-create-route.sh.

RECOMMENDED: Create an empty folder for your express server & cd <server-path> into it before running the script.

Download scripts:

# Download script to create an app.js
curl -o- -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/justsml/guides/master/express/setup-guide/scripts/express-setup.sh > ~/express-setup.sh
# Download script to add a route (will prompt user for route name & template type)
curl -o- -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/justsml/guides/master/express/setup-guide/scripts/express-create-route.sh > ~/express-create-route.sh
# Set permission
chmod a+x ~/express-*.sh


You're now setup with 2 local scripts. Each time you want to create an app, run the following commands:

# create a director, cd into it
mkdir ~/my-app
cd ~/my-app

# Create the app.js (once)
# Add a route (as many times as needed)
🎉 Jump to # 3d to complete adding route(s) in app.js!

Manual Instructions

  1. Install NPM Packages
  2. Copy app.js into your project
  3. Create Express Router Module(s)

1. Install NPM Packages

# In folder w/ package.json:
npm install express cors body-parser morgan nodemon

2. Copy app.js into your project

Get the app.js file and copy it to your project.

3a-d. Create Express Router Module(s)

This is the preferred way to implement paths like /api/dog/ and /api/cat/.

3a. Create a folder routes.
mkdir routes
3b. Create a JS file for each route (path) in your API.

For example, if your URLs will include /api/dog/ and /api/cat/, create 2 router files: /routes/dog.js and /routes/cat.js.

touch ./routes/{dog,cat}.js

Copy & Paste a router template into your router .js files...

3c. Copy router template (by database/storage tech):
  1. Postgres/Knex
  2. MongoDB/Monk
  3. In-memory array (testing)

Template will contain a placeholder variable items - search & replace using the route (table or model) name.

So the variable names should become item->dog or item->cat. (Note: singular name used - plural names will be included in replace)

Check for template- or database-specific TODO comments in route files.

3d. Enable Routes in app.js

Add your routes to app.js with code like:

app.use('/api/cat', require('./routes/cat'))
app.use('/api/dog', require('./routes/dog'))

Or with ES6 Modules:

import cat from './routes/cat'
import dog from './routes/dog'

// custom routes go after cors, logging, auth, etc. middleware:
app.use('/api/cat', cat)
app.use('/api/dog', dog)


It is critical your custom routes are followed by the 'notFound' handler app.use(notFound) and 'errorHandler'.

Up and Running

Add a start script to your package.json:

  "start": "node app.js",
  "start:dev": "nodemon app.js"

Then start the server via terminal:

npm start
# Or
npm run start:dev

Verify Server

Server will print the port it's listening on (default is 3000).

Override the port using the PORT environment variable:

# Optionally set PORT:
PORT=5000 npm run start:dev

Use your browser or Postman to GET http://localhost:3000/api/cat

You should see a corresponding GET or 200 status code in the terminal window running your server.

WARNING: CORS is configured to allow any website to make requests.

In production, the origin option should be configured with the permitted domain name(s). To fix, update app.js to use an exact domain, e.g.: app.use(cors({origin: 'shop.securesite.com'})))