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I've been working on condensing my "rules of thumb" for avoiding Promise issues & improving developer experience:

Avoiding Promise Foot-guns

  • Function Rules To Live By

    • ALWAYS return - in every sync AND async function.
    • ALWAYS use single argument functions.
    • ALWAYS limit one async call per function - except when using Promise.all() or chaining via .then()
    • return immediately if possible - makes single-purpose more clear.
    • Prefer named parameters w/ destructuring: ({name, phone = 'none'}) => name + ' ' + phone
    • Avoid this - pass needed data as arguments explicitly. Prevents code which is harder to reason about, and bugs related to calling class methods out of order.
  • Error Rules To Live By

    • ALWAYS use Error constructor with new keyword - throw new Error('oh no') - captures call stacks.
    • 2 key rules for .catch()
      • Never forget to use .catch() - at least once - usually at the top-most part of your app.
      • Omit in library code - leaving the error handling to the calling application (or test) code.
This list encompasses 95% of the bugs I find in Promise code.

Using these rules, with Promises as the glue to stick code together, lets you treat async & sync functions the same. Ultimately your function names help make your code read like a story.

In fancier terms: De-coupled composition at it's finest. :)