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VS Code

Shortcuts to live & die by:

VSCode Specific

  • Cmd+Shift+P - Command Menu: fuzzy text searching
  • Cmd+P - Quick File Finder: fuzzy name searching
  • Ctrl+` - Show/Hide Terminal (integrated)
  • Cmd+B - Show/Hide Left-side Panel (Folders, Search, Git, etc.)
  • Cmd+Shift+F - Search Entire Project
  • Cmd+Shift+H - Search & Replace Entire Project
  • Cmd+Shift+E - Show File/Folder Left-side Panel
  • Ctrl+[1-9] - Switch to tab by #
  • Cmd+[1-3] - Switch Focus Between Split Editor Panels
  • Ctrl+D - Exit from any Terminal Tab

Navigating Files (works in most apps)

  • Cmd+LeftArrow - Start of line
  • Cmd+RightArrow - End of line
  • Cmd+UpArrow - Jump to first line
  • Cmd+DownArrow - Jump to last line
  • Fn+UpArrow - Page Up
  • Fn+DownArrow - Page Down

Useful Workflows

  • Use Terminal split view - open/close gains focus in terminal with Ctrl+`


Try start the debug / run option (green play button) - then choose from the list an appropriate configuration.