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Tooling for GIFs

Record your Screen

  1. Kap - Great Open source GIF recorder (OSX only currently)
  2. Licecap - Basic util for Windows/OSX
  3. OBS - All platform video recorder (will need to convert videos to GIFs)

Important: GIFs from these tools are often huge, see below to compress.

How to Resize Animated GIFs w/ Compression

ImageMagick required: [brew/apt] install imagemagick

gifsicle -i ./input.gif --resize-fit-width 960 > ./output-960px-width.gif

Single Screenshot

  1. OSX: Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4 to draw a region & add to your clipboard.
    • Move selection by pressing SPACEBAR WHILE holding down shortcut keys.
  2. Add OSX Shortcut to Linux