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'Pacman' is a generic json injestor.

It's designed to be generic via usage of a 'mappings/foo.json' file, in which a specification of how the values of the source feed will be mapped to values in the destination feed.


You provide it wit h:

  1. The url of a feed to injest
  2. The name of a mappings file 'foo' that will be found in /mappings/foo.json
  3. The key for the desired array to injest

For example:


A mappings file is a specification that will determine how the injested feed is treated. It is a hash of the form:

{ "key" : keyspec, ... }

There are several dimensions to this- perhaps a list of examples will make this clear:

"key" : "key" : This is the 'passthrough' usage. The value of the key 'key' from the source feed will be placed into the destination feed, with the key 'key'.

"_key" : "key" : This will take the value of the key '_key' from the source feed and place it in the destination feed, with the key 'key'.

"key" : "attributes.key" : This will nest the value in the 'attributes' hash within the destination feed.[^1]

[^1]: In future, there may be a provision to specify this arbitrarily, but for now (given that this is space-time specific) we specify it explicitly.

"key" : { "delimiter" : " ", "destination_keys" : ["key1" , "key2" ] } : This usage allows us to map a single key's value form the source feed to the value of multiple keys in the destination feed. Let's imagine that the original feed has this key and value:

"georss_point" : "130.125 32.521"

We want to map this to lat/lon (as it so happens, within the 'attributes' hash), so the spec becomes:

"georss_point" : { "delimiter" : " ", "destination_keys" : ["", "attributes.lon"] }

(To implement)

"key" : { "value_maps" : { true : "Yes", false : "No", "nil" : "No", "default" : "No" }, "destination_key" : "key" } : This usage takes care of situations where the values of keys require translation. Note that the two cases of no data ("nil") as well as a default case may be allowed for. Note that if the "destination_key" is not specified, it's assumed to be whatever "key" is. (In this case, "key").

"key" : { "delimiter" : "_", "destination_keys" : ["key1", "key2", "attributes.key3"], "value_maps" : { true : "Yes", false : "No", "nil" : "No" }


In this case, the same value mapping will be applied to each of the destination keys. However, we're still able to control on a per-attribute basis where the destination keys go.