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Welcome to the Elephant wiki!

Elephant is a note-taking application written in Java, thus being multi-platform.

Some of the features include:

  • Store your notes on your drives. No accounts or clouds needed. No vendor lock-in, no security risks coming from storing your data online.
  • For syncing use your favorite program (git, rsync, syncthing ...)
  • Notes are stored in plain files and folders. No databases and no migration problems.
  • Plain files and folders structure allows you to store your notes on encrypted medium (partition, disk, folder). You decide what kind of encryption you want to use and you own the "keys".
  • Cross-platform for Mac, Windows, Linux and *BSD.
  • Built for longevity with a classic interface. New versions will never offer weird functionality.
  • Premium is free, no ads of any kind.
  • No feature bloat or redesigns.
  • Open source, GitHub'd, collaboration, openness.
  • You and only you own your notes!

Elephant is a young project so some features are a work-in-progress.

More links:

Download links for latest version:

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