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Ruby-Block is an elisp minor-mode designed for use with ruby-mode. When the cursor is located on or after an 'end' token, Ruby-Block will automatically show you the corresponding line with the start of the block.


To use, simply add this line to your .emacs:

(require 'ruby-block)
(ruby-block-mode t)

In addition, you can specify whether to either highlight (overlay) or display to the minibuffer with:

;; do overlay
(setq ruby-block-highlight-toggle 'overlay)
;; display to minibuffer
(setq ruby-block-highlight-toggle 'minibuffer)
;; display to minibuffer and do overlay
(setq ruby-block-highlight-toggle t)

The default is minibuffer.

Version Info

Originally obtained from:

Tested on Emacs 24.3

Note: A ruby-mode.el or enh-ruby-mode is necessary to use this package.

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