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Juttle Viewer

juttle-viewer is a development and presentation application for juttle programs that packages juttle-client-library, juttle-viz, and application logic to select and run juttle programs using a remote juttle-service.

Build Status

Getting Started

In a production setting juttle-viewer can be run multiple ways.

Primarily, juttle-viewer is seen in juttle-engine where it is packaged along with juttle-service.

Additionally juttle-viewer can be run by itself. It will need an instance of juttle-service to play along with. It can be run standalone, but it also exports an express router and can be included in an express app.

Running Standalone

  1. Install juttle-viewer: npm install juttle-viewer
  2. Use the command script to start: npm run juttle-viewer

The juttle-viewer command script has several options (such as changing the juttle-service host), that can be viewed by running npm run juttle-viewer -h

Include as Express Router

Include juttle-viewer into an express app by doing this:

var express = require('express');
var viewer = require('juttle-viewer');

var app = express();

    juttleServiceHost: JUTTLE_SERVICE_HOST


Once you've cloned the repo and have run npm install, run this:

./bin/juttle-viewer -d

Note the -d (or --dev) argument is important because it uses webpackMiddleware to serve and continually recompile your changes.