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Welcome to the Juttle project wiki!


If this is your first time hearing about Juttle, a good place to start is the README.

Juttle is an open source project. If you are looking to contribute, thank you! Refer to the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

Juttle consists of multiple repositories, see Project Organization.


Juttle language docs are published here.

Juttle-viz charting library docs are published here.


A few examples of using Juttle are included in the README.

More examples are provided in the documentation, and demos will be available soon.

What's Happening

We haven't started a project blog yet.

The roadmap is published on this wiki: Roadmap.

We track work using GitHub issues. Our public Waffle dashboard brings together issues from all Juttle repositories.

Adding Wikis

See Adding Wikis - it's pretty straightforward!

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