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Jabylon is an extensible web based translation tool that helps managing and translating java property files to different locales. The built-in team support for (currently) Git, SVN and CVS allows Jabylon to check out projects, update them regulary and commit the translations back into the team repository.

Please check out our website for details or have a look at the live demo with some imported sample projects to try it out.

Core Features

  • powerful web based translation editor
  • automatic translation checks
  • terminology support
  • translation memory
  • tight integration with source code management systems to synchronize and automatically commit new translations
  • full text search
  • fine grained access rights
  • LDAP support
  • JSON API for programmatic access
  • update center to update and install plug-ins


Jabylon is powered by Apache Karaf. The binaries can be obtained from the download section.

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