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NAICO Naicolas

OMNECA,, Beatstruck Productions SWEDEN

Jacob Groß kurtextrem

Web Dev, who loves everything around Performance. Writing JavaScript / NodeJS, HTML, CSS and PHP. I do Chrome Extensions.


pdq idk

Tsunkatse Prime

nicedayzhu nicedayzhu

Web designer,college student,php/js/css3 linux

Nan Tong,JiangSu

Rômulo Innocêncio romuloinnocencio

I'm front-end developer, sometime designer. Learning how to learn and in love with technologies, games, heavy metal, motorcycles, photograpy and more

@Ceicom Brazil

Isaac Drew russelg

i wanna kill myself @SummerGlauFC head?

SGFC Co. Tokyo, Japan

J.Gocke gocke

Aachen/Cologne, Germany

Bulo BuloZB

Defnet Dev group Slovakia