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(ns crux.kafka
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[ :as log]
[crux.bootstrap :as b]
[crux.codec :as c]
[crux.db :as db]
[ :as cio]
[crux.status :as status]
[crux.tx :as tx]
[taoensso.nippy :as nippy])
(:import [crux.kafka.nippy NippyDeserializer NippySerializer]
[java.util Date List Map]
[org.apache.kafka.clients.admin AdminClient NewTopic TopicDescription]
[org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer ConsumerRebalanceListener ConsumerRecord KafkaConsumer]
[org.apache.kafka.clients.producer KafkaProducer ProducerRecord RecordMetadata]
(s/def ::bootstrap-servers string?)
(s/def ::group-id string?)
(s/def ::topic string?)
(s/def ::partitions pos-int?)
(s/def ::replication-factor pos-int?)
(s/def ::tx-topic ::topic)
(s/def ::doc-topic ::topic)
(s/def ::doc-partitions ::partitions)
(s/def ::create-topics boolean?)
(def default-producer-config
{"enable.idempotence" "true"
"acks" "all"
"compression.type" "snappy"
"key.serializer" (.getName NippySerializer)
"value.serializer" (.getName NippySerializer)})
(def default-consumer-config
{"" "false"
"isolation.level" "read_committed"
"auto.offset.reset" "earliest"
"key.deserializer" (.getName NippyDeserializer)
"value.deserializer" (.getName NippyDeserializer)})
(def default-topic-config
{"message.timestamp.type" "LogAppendTime"})
(def tx-topic-config
{"" (str Long/MAX_VALUE)})
(def doc-topic-config
{"cleanup.policy" "compact"})
(defn- read-kafka-properties-file [f]
(when f
(with-open [in (io/reader (io/file f))]
(cio/load-properties in))))
(defn- derive-kafka-config [{:keys [bootstrap-servers kafka-properties-file kafka-properties-map]}]
(merge {"bootstrap.servers" bootstrap-servers}
(read-kafka-properties-file kafka-properties-file)
(defn create-producer
^org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.KafkaProducer [config]
(KafkaProducer. ^Map (merge default-producer-config config)))
(defn create-consumer
^org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.KafkaConsumer [config]
(KafkaConsumer. ^Map (merge default-consumer-config config)))
(defn create-admin-client
^org.apache.kafka.clients.admin.AdminClient [config]
(AdminClient/create ^Map config))
(defn create-topic [^AdminClient admin-client topic num-partitions replication-factor config]
(let [new-topic (doto (NewTopic. topic num-partitions replication-factor)
(.configs (merge default-topic-config config)))]
@(.all (.createTopics admin-client [new-topic]))
(catch ExecutionException e
(let [cause (.getCause e)]
(when-not (instance? TopicExistsException cause)
(throw e)))))))
(defn zk-status [consumer-config]
(if consumer-config
(with-open [^KafkaConsumer consumer
(merge consumer-config {"" (int 1000)}))]
(boolean (.listTopics consumer)))
(catch Exception e
(log/debug e "Could not list Kafka topics:")
(defn tx-record->tx-log-entry [^ConsumerRecord record]
{:crux.tx/tx-time (Date. (.timestamp record))
:crux.api/tx-ops (.value record)
:crux.tx/tx-id (.offset record)})
;;; Transacting Producer
(defrecord KafkaTxLog [^KafkaProducer producer tx-topic doc-topic kafka-config]
(close [_])
(submit-doc [this content-hash doc]
(->> (ProducerRecord. doc-topic content-hash doc)
(.send producer)))
(submit-tx [this tx-ops]
(s/assert :crux.api/tx-ops tx-ops)
(let [tx-events (tx/tx-ops->tx-events tx-ops)
content-hash->doc (->> (for [doc (tx/tx-ops->docs tx-ops)]
[(c/new-id doc) doc])
(into {}))]
(doseq [f (->> (for [[content-hash doc] content-hash->doc]
(db/submit-doc this (str content-hash) doc))
(.flush producer)
(let [tx-send-future (->> (doto (ProducerRecord. tx-topic nil tx-events)
(-> (.headers) (.add (str :crux.tx/docs)
(nippy/fast-freeze (set (keys content-hash->doc))))))
(.send producer))]
(let [record-meta ^RecordMetadata @tx-send-future]
{:crux.tx/tx-id (.offset record-meta)
:crux.tx/tx-time (Date. (.timestamp record-meta))}))))))
(new-tx-log-context [this]
(create-consumer (assoc kafka-config "" "false")))
(tx-log [this tx-topic-consumer from-tx-id]
(let [tx-topic-consumer ^KafkaConsumer tx-topic-consumer
tx-topic-partition (TopicPartition. tx-topic 0)]
(.assign tx-topic-consumer [tx-topic-partition])
(if from-tx-id
(.seek tx-topic-consumer tx-topic-partition (long from-tx-id))
(.seekToBeginning tx-topic-consumer (.assignment tx-topic-consumer)))
((fn step []
(when-let [records (seq (.poll tx-topic-consumer (Duration/ofMillis 1000)))]
(concat (map tx-record->tx-log-entry records)
;;; Indexing Consumer
(defn consumer-record->value [^ConsumerRecord record]
(.value record))
(defn- topic-partition-meta-key [^TopicPartition partition]
(keyword "crux.kafka.topic-partition" (str partition)))
(defn- update-stored-consumer-state [indexer ^KafkaConsumer consumer records]
(let [partition->records (group-by (fn [^ConsumerRecord r]
(TopicPartition. (.topic r)
(.partition r))) records)
partitions (vec (keys partition->records))
end-offsets (.endOffsets consumer partitions)
stored-consumer-state (or (db/read-index-meta indexer :crux.tx-log/consumer-state) {})
consumer-state (->> (for [^TopicPartition partition partitions
:let [^ConsumerRecord last-record-in-batch (->> (get partition->records partition)
(sort-by #(.offset ^ConsumerRecord %))
next-offset (inc (.offset last-record-in-batch))
end-offset (get end-offsets partition)
lag (- end-offset next-offset)]]
(do (when-not (zero? lag)
(log/debug "Falling behind" (str partition) "at:" next-offset "end:" end-offset))
[(topic-partition-meta-key partition)
{:next-offset next-offset
:time (Date. (.timestamp last-record-in-batch))
:lag lag}]))
(into stored-consumer-state))]
(db/store-index-meta indexer :crux.tx-log/consumer-state consumer-state)))
(defn- prune-consumer-state [indexer ^KafkaConsumer consumer partitions]
(let [consumer-state (db/read-index-meta indexer :crux.tx-log/consumer-state)
end-offsets (.endOffsets consumer (vec partitions))]
(->> (for [^TopicPartition partition partitions
:let [partition-key (topic-partition-meta-key partition)
next-offset (or (get-in consumer-state [partition-key :next-offset]) 0)]]
[partition-key {:next-offset next-offset
:lag (- (dec (get end-offsets partition)) next-offset)
:time (get-in consumer-state [partition-key :time])}]))
(into {})
(db/store-index-meta indexer :crux.tx-log/consumer-state))))
(defn seek-to-stored-offsets [indexer ^KafkaConsumer consumer partitions]
(let [consumer-state (db/read-index-meta indexer :crux.tx-log/consumer-state)]
(doseq [^TopicPartition partition partitions]
(if-let [offset (get-in consumer-state [(topic-partition-meta-key partition) :next-offset])]
(.seek consumer partition (long offset))
(.seekToBeginning consumer [partition])))))
(defn- index-doc-record [indexer ^ConsumerRecord record]
(let [content-hash (.key record)
doc (.value record)]
(db/index-doc indexer content-hash doc)
(defn- index-tx-record [indexer ^ConsumerRecord record]
(let [record (tx-record->tx-log-entry record)
{:crux.tx/keys [tx-time
tx-id]} record
{:crux.api/keys [tx-ops]} record]
(db/index-tx indexer tx-ops tx-time tx-id)
(defn consume-and-index-entities
[{:keys [indexer ^KafkaConsumer consumer pending-txs-state
follower timeout tx-topic doc-topic]
:or {timeout 5000}}]
(let [tx-topic-partition (TopicPartition. tx-topic 0)
_ (when (and (.contains (.paused consumer) tx-topic-partition)
(empty? @pending-txs-state))
(log/debug "Resuming" tx-topic)
(.resume consumer [tx-topic-partition]))
records (.poll consumer (Duration/ofMillis timeout))
doc-records (vec (.records records (str doc-topic)))
_ (doseq [record doc-records]
(index-doc-record indexer record))
tx-records (vec (.records records (str tx-topic)))
pending-tx-records (swap! pending-txs-state into tx-records)
tx-records (->> pending-tx-records
(fn [^ConsumerRecord tx-record]
(let [content-hashes (->> (.lastHeader (.headers tx-record)
(str :crux.tx/docs))
ready? (db/docs-exist? indexer content-hashes)
{:crux.tx/keys [tx-time
tx-id]} (tx-record->tx-log-entry tx-record)]
(if ready?
(log/info "Ready for indexing of tx" tx-id (pr-str tx-time))
(do (when-not (.contains (.paused consumer) tx-topic-partition)
(log/debug "Pausing" tx-topic)
(.pause consumer [tx-topic-partition]))
(log/info "Delaying indexing of tx" tx-id (pr-str tx-time) "pending:" (count pending-tx-records))))
(doseq [record tx-records]
(index-tx-record indexer record))
(when-let [records (seq (concat doc-records tx-records))]
(update-stored-consumer-state indexer consumer records)
(swap! pending-txs-state (comp vec (partial drop (count tx-records)))))
{:txs (count tx-records)
:docs (count doc-records)}))
;; TODO: This works as long as each node has a unique consumer group
;; id, if not the node will only get a subset of the doc-topic. The
;; tx-topic is always only one partition.
(defn subscribe-from-stored-offsets
[indexer ^KafkaConsumer consumer ^List topics]
(.subscribe consumer
(reify ConsumerRebalanceListener
(onPartitionsRevoked [_ partitions]
(log/info "Partitions revoked:" (str partitions)))
(onPartitionsAssigned [_ partitions]
(log/info "Partitions assigned:" (str partitions))
(prune-consumer-state indexer consumer partitions)
(seek-to-stored-offsets indexer consumer partitions)))))
(defrecord IndexingConsumer [running? ^Thread worker-thread consumer-config indexer options]
(status-map [_]
(with-open [^KafkaConsumer consumer (create-consumer (merge consumer-config {"" (int 1000)}))]
(boolean (.listTopics consumer)))
(catch Exception e
(log/debug e "Could not list Kafka topics:")
(close [_]
(reset! running? false)
(.join worker-thread)))
(defn- indexing-consumer-thread-main-loop
[{:keys [running? indexer consumer-config options]}]
(with-open [consumer (create-consumer consumer-config)]
indexer consumer [(:tx-topic options) (:doc-topic options)])
(let [pending-txs-state (atom [])]
(while @running?
{:indexer indexer
:consumer consumer
:timeout 1000
:pending-txs-state pending-txs-state
:tx-topic (:tx-topic options)
:doc-topic (:doc-topic options)})
(catch Exception e
(log/error e "Error while consuming and indexing from Kafka:")
(Thread/sleep 500)))))))
(defn- ensure-tx-topic-has-single-partition [^AdminClient admin-client tx-topic]
(let [name->description @(.all (.describeTopics admin-client [tx-topic]))]
(assert (= 1 (count (.partitions ^TopicDescription (get name->description tx-topic)))))))
(defn- start-indexing-consumer
[admin-client consumer-config indexer
{:keys [tx-topic
create-topics] :as options}]
(when create-topics
(create-topic admin-client tx-topic 1 replication-factor tx-topic-config)
(create-topic admin-client doc-topic doc-partitions
replication-factor doc-topic-config))
(ensure-tx-topic-has-single-partition admin-client tx-topic)
(let [indexing-consumer (map->IndexingConsumer {:running? (atom true)
:indexer indexer
:consumer-config consumer-config
:options options})]
(doto (Thread. ^Runnable (partial indexing-consumer-thread-main-loop indexing-consumer)
(def indexing-consumer [(fn [{:keys [admin-client indexer]} options]
(let [kafka-config (derive-kafka-config options)
consumer-config (merge {"" (:group-id options)}
(start-indexing-consumer admin-client consumer-config indexer options)))
[:indexer :admin-client]
(s/keys :opt-un [::bootstrap-servers
(def admin-client [(fn [_ options]
(create-admin-client (derive-kafka-config options)))])
(def admin-wrapper [(fn [{:keys [admin-client]} _]
(reify Closeable
(close [_])))
(def producer [(fn [_ options]
(create-producer (derive-kafka-config options)))])
(def tx-log [(fn [{:keys [producer]} {:keys [tx-topic doc-topic] :as options}]
(->KafkaTxLog producer tx-topic doc-topic (derive-kafka-config options)))
(s/keys :opt-un [::tx-topic
(def node-config {:tx-log tx-log
:admin-client admin-client
:admin-wrapper admin-wrapper
:producer producer
:indexing-consumer indexing-consumer})
;; Start a Kafka node:
(b/start-node node-config some-options))
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